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Enterprise video streaming solutions are helping organizations to keep employees connected, foster culture, and enable business continuity. Modern organizations require flexible options to communicate with their teams; video enables this with digital signage, IPTV, and live all-hands options. With video, organizations, can help their employees both in the office or working remotely, to stay informed and feel included and valued.

Learn how different enterprises are leveraging video streaming workflows, and how the latest developments in video streaming can change how your organization communicates with your team.

How to set up a KB video encoder with Microsoft Teams
December 12, 2019

How to Set Up a Video Encoder for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, an enterprise tool for collaboration and communication, is one of the most exciting developments for Office 365 in a while. With its total number of users having eclipsed those of rival Slack this past year, Microsoft Teams’ momentum continues to build. Featuring a variety of tools, including video and text chat functions, as well as live video [...]