Haivision Rack

Elevate your remote production with the Haivision Rack series of compact encoders designed for pristine-quality broadcast contribution video over unmanaged networks.

Rack 400

Ideally Suited for Remote Production

Haivision Rack is a game-changer for remote production of sports and other live events by reducing workflow complexity and costs. With unmatched flexibility, robustness, and remote operability, Rack delivers pristine HEVC and H.264 video at low latency and low bandwidth. 

Supporting resolutions up to 4K UHD, Rack also allows users to send up to four perfectly synchronized HD video streams and can be rack-mounted with a dedicated kit to accommodate one or two units in a 1RU space. 

4K UHD Video Production

Live 4K Video

HD Video Production

Multi-Camera Production

Haivision Rack Icon

Compact 1RU Half Rack Size

Ultra-Low Latency

Ultra-Low Latency

SST Protocol

Emmy® Award-Winning Reliable Bonding Transmission

H.264 HEVC

Pristine-Quality Live Video

Broadcast Live and Record Automatically

Broadcast Live and Record Automatically

Equipped with a user-friendly intuitive touchscreen, the Haivision Rack encoder can broadcast premium live video with resolutions up to 4K UHD over Ethernet, Wi-Fi, satellite, and cellular networks with the Quad CellLink. Encode and stream live video over the internet with SRT and with SST over bonded networks with end-to-end latency as low as 200ms.

Live broadcasts can be simultaneously recorded on an SD card or automatically forwarded as a progressive file.

Automatic Live Start

Automatic Live Start allows you to automatically start broadcasting live once the unit is powered up and a video source is detected. This greatly simplifies set-up so that your camera operators can focus on capturing great content.

Automatic Live Start
Live Video Feeds

Video Returns and Intercom

View on-air programs, interviews, and teleprompter return feeds from your production studio at low latency by connecting an external display to the HDMI output. The built-in intercom feature provides seamless two-way audio communication between production staff, camera operators, and talent.

Multi-Camera Synchronization

Haivision Rack supports perfect video and audio synchronization between multiple remote sources and a Haivision StreamHub receiver for seamless live camera switching, perfect lip sync, and efficient video editing. With the Rack400, you can encode, stream, and sync four HD video feeds and eight audio channels with a single unit.

Multi-Camera Sync
Remote Control Camera

Remote IP Camera Control

Establish a two-way IP connection with DataBridge to connect your PTZ cameras, tally lights and other equipment to your Rack encoder and StreamHub receiver while live on-air. Remotely controlling cameras from your live production studio is both straightforward and efficient thanks to our ultra-low latency SST technology, robust connectivity, and intuitive user interface.

Level up your next live production with our custom rental packages.

Product Specifications


4K UHD / Multi HD (x4)
HEVC / H.264
8 audio channels


HEVC / H.264
4 audio channels


4 audio channels

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How 5G will completely change broadcast contribution and remote production

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