MoJoPro is a versatile and easy-to-use professional mobile camera app that lets journalists quickly broadcast broadcast-quality live and record HD video from anywhere with SST bonding of cellular and WiFi network connections.

MojoPro Mobile Journalism App

Go Live in Seconds

With an intuitive interface, advanced camera settings, and video editing features, the MoJoPro app allows journalists to instantly contribute live and recorded HD video into on-premise and cloud-based production workflows for broadcast television, online streaming, and social media. Its professional broadcast camera features, as well as support for on-screen video returns and audio intercom, enable you to report on breaking news, cover live sports, and conduct interviews from anywhere at any time.

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iOS and Android

Available For iOS & Android™ Devices

Free Download

Free Download for Use On Unlimited Devices

Reliable Transmission

Reliable Transmission Over Aggregated Cellular and WiFi

Full HD

1080p HD Encoded in HEVC and H.264

Easy to Use Application

Intuitive and Simple to Use Interface



MojoPro Mobile Journalism Interface

Optimal Quality for Live and Recorded Video

The versatile MoJoPro mobile app is designed with broadcast professionals in mind and includes many advanced camera features for both live and recorded video. With MoJoPro you can broadcast live while recording a local file or use the record-only mode to create, edit, and send your clips.

The bitrate and resolution of your live and recorded files can be different to match the requirements of all your workflows. Supporting both H.265/HEVC or H.264/AVC, MoJoPro enables you to optimize the quality and bitrate consumption of your content.

Dual Network Aggregation

Using the SST (Safe Streams Transport) protocol, MoJoPro can bond the smartphone internal cellular modem with an external cellular connection managed by a MiFi module, an ad-hoc WLAN network acting as a WiFi-to-cellular gateway. To overcome unpredictable network conditions, MojoPro dynamically adapts video encoding bitrates and resolutions in real-time to ensure reliable and uninterrupted transmissions.

Dual Network Aggregation
Return Video Feature

Video Return & Audio Intercom

The video return feature of the MoJoPro iOS app makes it the ultimate production solution for covering live news from anywhere in the field. View on-air programs, program feeds, and teleprompter text coming from the studio directly on your MoJoPro app, in full screen or picture-in-picture mode. MoJoPro also supports bidirectional audio and intercom for real-time communication with production staff.

Quick and Easy to Deploy

Whether you manage a medium or large fleet of smartphones, the MoJoPro app is ready for automated and controlled deployment through a Mobile Device Manager (MDM). You can distribute and install the application using your own chosen default settings, including video resolutions and stream bitrates without user intervention. With MoJoPro you can also enable stringent policies to suit your specific security needs.

The MoJoPro live streaming app guarantees that your mobile journalists are always running the latest version with the right settings.

MojoPro Mobile Journalism Solution

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