An Affordable Broadcast Solution

Get a flexible, cost-effective solution for backhaul and use public internet connections for on-air interviews, commentary, live events, and monitoring.


Low Latency

High Quality


Ensure the Security of Your Content

Security is more important than ever, and you need to know your content can be delivered securely and quickly across unpredictable networks.

Transport secure, reliable, low latency HD video with Haivision’s SRT technology.

Reduce Interview Setup Time

Broadcasters are spending less time getting remote interviews on air, and they’re able to do so from any location by using Haivsion’s encoding technology for low latency video.

See how Fox Sports 1 reduced costs and time to air with Bexel and Haivision.


See how our products are used

Meet your audience’s demand for more content. Internet-based video backhaul offers a flexible, cost-effective alternative for studios that want to transport video using public Internet connections for on-air interviews, commentary, live events, and monitoring.

Make quick content decisions by monitoring in-house and competitive broadcast feeds live from anywhere in your facility. The Haivision Media Platform helps broadcasters stay on the pulse of competitive programing while also monitoring all of their own content by delivering secure, live, on-demand and IPTV feeds across an organization to desktops, mobile devices and TVs connected to set-top boxes.

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