Haivision Air

An ultra-portable HEVC and H.264 encoder and mobile transmitter for live broadcast contribution over bonded cellular and IP networks.

Haivision Air

Ultra-Compact Mobile Transmitter

Haivision Air encodes and transmits HD-quality video over 5G, 4G, 3G, and WiFi networks. With an integrated rechargeable battery within its compact enclosure, it can easily be carried in a dedicated pouch, clipped to a belt or mounted on a tripod.

Simple to Use

Easy to Use

Portable Hardware

Portable Form Factor

5G Compatible

Latest Generation Cellular Connectivity

H.264 HEVC

Pristine-Quality HD Video

broascast live

Broadcast Live from Anywhere

Transmit premium quality live video broadcast over two bonded cellular networks including 5G, plus an Ethernet or WiFi connection. Haivision Air can also transmit video over BGAN, GX, and Ka satellite bands. Its easy-to-use UI can be accessed directly from the unit’s embedded screen or remotely from a web browser.

Record and Forward

Haivision Air enables you to create and deliver content for sports highlights and news reporting. Live broadcasts can be simultaneously recorded on an SD card or delivered as a file. For non-live applications, video files can be progressively shared with your production team as they are being recorded or automatically forwarded once a recording is complete.

Haivision Air320
Remote Control Camera

Internet Access and Remote Control

Haivision Air can double as a high-speed internet access point using the DataBridge feature. By establishing an IP network link along with a live video transmission, broadcast producers can remotely control PTZ cameras connected to a Haivision Air, from afar.

Secure Content Encryption

Along with all Haivision encoders and transmitters, the Haivision Air supports AES with 256-bit key video encryption to prevent unauthorized access to content. This feature is the perfect complement to our SST technology  for mobile transmission and SRT for streaming over the public internet.

Live Video Feeds

Video Return and Intercom

Seamless two-way audio communication between production crews and on-air talent with no latency through its built-in intercom system. Connect a portable display to the HDMI output to view interviewer feeds, monitor on-air programming, and receive teleprompts from your production team.

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Product Specifications


H.265/HEVC & H.264/AVC encoders
Internal 48Wh battery (up to 3 hours)
2 internal 5G/4G cellular modems


H.264/AVC encoder
Internal 48Wh battery (up to 3 hours)
2 internal 4G cellular modems


H.264/AVC encoder
Internal 48Wh battery (up to 3 hours)

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