Kraken Full-Motion Video Processing Platform for ISR

Optimize real-time video and metadata across any network. Kraken ensures high video quality, low latency, and interoperability for defense and ISR applications.

Kraken User Interface

ISR Video Processing for Mission-Critical Applications

Kraken is a comprehensive video processing platform that combines software flexibility and hardware acceleration to encode, transcode, and transport high quality video and metadata in real-time. Ideal for defense and ISR, Kraken excels in limited bandwidth environments, supporting diverse protocols and codecs. Kraken provides flexible deployment options, making it the ideal solution for all full-motion video processing challenges.


Real-Time Video for ISR


Bandwidth Optimization


KLV Metadata Processing and Filtering


Protocol Conversion and Transcoding


Flexible Deployment Options

Complaint Technology

Standards-Compliant and Interoperable

Seamless Collaboration

Real-Time Actionable Intelligence with the Best Video Quality Possible

Kraken ensures the highest quality real-time video and metadata transport, enabling quick decision-making with mission-critical information. Its low latency and robust processing capabilities ensure that vital video content is transmitted securely and efficiently for situational awareness in defense and ISR operations.

Reliable Performance Over Any Network

Kraken optimizes video and metadata for transport over constrained networks. It can encode, transcode, or convert protocols, providing the optimal stream for any ISR situation. Kraken overcomes packet loss and jitter using the SRT protocol, ensuring reliable, high-quality video transmission over satellite and beyond-line-of-sight networks.

Kraken Transcoder UI
Kraken Transcoder Interface

Preserve, Optimize, and Manage Embedded Metadata

MISB standards compliant, Kraken supports KLV metadata to preserve geospatial information along with video. Additional metadata including security and classification markings can also be included in compliance with cross domain solutions and policy requirements. When communicating over low bitrate links, Kraken can apply metadata filtering to optimize bandwidth consumption.

Seamless Interoperability Between Devices

Kraken supports a wide range of video protocols and codecs, ensuring compatibility with modern and legacy ISR communication devices through transcoding to known formats and protocols. Adhering to industry standards, it facilitates smooth integration across complex workflows, ensuring consistent video delivery and enhancing compatibility with downstream systems. 

Military Operations
Flexible Technology Deployment

Deploy Anywhere

Maximize flexibility with Kraken’s versatile deployment options. Available as a portable appliance, rack-mountable server, virtual machine, or cloud-based solution, Kraken adapts to any operational requirement, providing the adaptability needed for diverse deployment environments and platforms.

Standards Compliant

Kraken adheres to MISB and STANAG standards, ensuring compliance and interoperability with defense systems. It supports a range of applications, from ISR backhaul and tactical network distribution to command center operations and critical infrastructure monitoring.

Kraken Certified Partners

Kraken Virtual Machine (VM) and its powerful low-latency video encoding, transcoding, and routing technology can be integrated into ISR systems, such as tactical communication kits and centralized data centers, all without the need for additional physical hardware.




United States National Guard & Exercise Northern Strike

Learn how Haivision mission-critical video solutions powered one of the largest military readiness exercises in the country.

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