Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
Video Solutions

With ultra-low latency, best-in-class security, and high quality even at lower bit rates, our ISR solutions are built for the most demanding defense, public safety, and government environments.

Makito X4 Rugged
Makito X1 Rugged
Makito FX
Makito X4 Encoder
Haivision EMS

Haivision ISR Video Solutions for Defense & Public Safety

Haivision’s cutting-edge hardware video encoders, software-based transcoding engines, and decoding platforms securely deliver ultra low latency FMV with Key-Length-Value (KLV) metadata from any sensor to any operator, analyst or decision maker, whether stationary or mobile.

Diamond Aircraft Chooses Haivision
for Special Mission Aircraft

Used for border protection, search and rescue operations, and surveillance and reconnaissance missions, Diamond Aircraft relies on Haivision video technology in their mission aircraft.

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