Everyone is a broadcaster

Everyone Is a Broadcaster

Today, everyone is becoming a broadcaster. What does that mean exactly? Many organizations – from the traditional broadcasters to Fortune 1000 and small and medium-sized businesses – want to get high-quality video, both live and on demand, to an audience. They want the viewing experience to be HD and engaging, and that means new demand for video streaming solutions across a number of industries.

Throughout the better part of my career, I’ve worked for manufacturers who have depended greatly on traditional AV integrators for the sale and integration of their products. I’ve sold technology that has gone into conference rooms, auditoriums, and has been carried around from event to event. I’ve been to nearly every InfoComm since 2004 and the biggest difference I’ve seen over the years is that video streaming for corporate broadcasts is now one of the top technology requirements.

The business of broadcasting in corporate environments has grown from being a ‘nice-to-have’ to a critical tool for corporate communications. And not just any quality of video streaming is required. Companies expect high-quality viewing experiences that are on par with consumer experiences like Netflix.

Broadcasters have been going through a very similar technology adoption life cycle. While the demands and requirements of broadcasters for high-quality video and never-fail reliability used to be far greater than those requirements in the enterprise, that gap is quickly closing. Everyone is looking for high-quality video every time.

With enterprise adoption of video streaming for corporate communications, especially with increasingly geographically diverse corporations, the pressure is on to deliver high-quality video without overwhelming the network and to do so reliably from wherever the executive presents to wherever the employees reside.

And with the pressure of consumer video streaming experiences, companies are expected to deliver the message in a no-fail fashion to employees everywhere. They take pride in the quality of their video and they depend on video streaming companies like Haivision to securely and reliably give a broadcast quality experience that makes their executive town halls and all hands events shine.

Lacking a background in broadcast, it took me a while to understand the value of Haivision’s history and expertise with broadcast workflows. It is now very clear to me that the needs of broadcasters who use Haivision technology to backhaul content and conduct remote interviews translates perfectly into today’s corporate needs, where presenters want to look and sound great and expect every event to work 100% of the time. Everyone wants to be a broadcaster and they will be. It is up to us to be there to serve them with the best technology available on the market.

To get a glimpse on how enterprise video works, watch this behind-the-scenes video of how Haivision broadcasts our own live events.

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