Keeping Employees Connected with Haivision Media Platform

How Haivision Media Platform Makes Reaching Your Employees Easier than Ever

Business continuity has become a top priority at many companies over the last months, as physical distancing measures have prompted many employees to work remotely. As organizations begin to adjust and plan for the future, they are looking for solutions to overcome the common challenges of communicating with a remote staff.

Keeping your employees connected with your organization is more important than ever, and in this post, we will explain how Haivision Media Platform will make corporate communications both easy and accessible.

Haivision Media Platform makes sending and managing your corporate communications simple: employees can easily access live and on-demand video content, your communications team has straightforward controls to manage content, and security is robust yet uncomplicated.

One Platform for All of Your Corporate Video Content

Haivision Media Platform makes it easy for your employees to access your corporate video content, all in one place. Employees can access both live and on-demand video content by simply logging into the platform, which they can do on both their computer and mobile device, whether they are working inside the office or remotely.

And employees in your office don’t need to solely rely on their own devices to view your corporate content. You can connect your monitors to set-top boxes to work with Haivision Media Platform, allowing you to share IPTV, corporate videos, and HTML content for digital signage purposes – this dynamic content will not only be eye-catching, but ensure that your employees are up to date with your organization’s latest news.

Management Tools Made Easy

Haivision Media Platform features three levels of access for your staff: platform administrators, content managers, and users. This allows your communications team to easily manage and share content internally, while administrators can manage accesses and your corporate settings.

Access to content is easy to manage, with location filtering to ensure that employees are only viewing the content that is relevant to them.

Haivision Media Platform also makes management easier for network administrators. Intelligent location awareness ensures that videos are sent along the most efficient route – this means that while videos being watched within your corporate firewall will be sent over your corporate network, employees watching remotely will receive the stream over the content delivery network of your choice – popular options include Microsoft Stream, Kaltura, or Akamai.

And the best part? Your employees watching the video won’t ever see the difference – all they need to do is log in to the same platform whether they’re in the office or remote.

Accessible, Yet Secure

Haivision Media Platform is an easy-to-use platform for employees to watch corporate videos and it is secure enough to keep your internal content confidential. The platform comes with a variety of security features to protect your video content, from filtering to show particular videos only to certain employees, and AES encryption to ensure only authorized viewers can access your videos.

Haivision Media Platform is already used by several government agencies and corporations that require the utmost in security – which is it FIPS 140-2 compliant, DIA risk management framework certified, and features NIST/STIG controls, among others.

For companies looking to ensure clear communication with their staff – no matter where they are – Haivision Media Platform is the ideal solution for your live presentations and on-demand content.

Want to learn more about the latest features of Haivision Media Platform? Watch this presentation!

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