Makito X4 Ultra Low Latency 4K Video Encoder

Makito X4 Ultra Low Latency 4K Video Encoder

Watch this webinar to hear firsthand from our video experts about the key features and capabilities of Haivision’s next generation 4K video encoder, the Makito X4. Find out more about the compact, highly versatile video encoder built on Haivision’s all new MX4 HEVC/H.264 programmable 8 core encoding engine. Discover how the Makito X4 can help future proof your broadcast contribution and leverage ultra low latency in 4K and HD workflows.

In this video, learn about:

Key features of the Makito X4

With broadcast quality video, the highest channel density available on the market and next generation processing power, discover why the Makito X4 packs a powerful punch.

Applications of the Makito X4

Understand what makes the Makito X4 the ideal solution for live broadcast contribution, remote production, enterprise, and defense applications.

Flexible and future proof

Learn how the Makito X4 offers an extensible and programmable platform built to adapt to the technology drivers in the broadcast industry both today and in the future.