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Introduction to Haivision Media Platform

Introduction to Haivision Media Platform

In this video presentation, Haivision video experts walk through the key features of Haivision Media Platform Enterprise, a video distribution solution that helps organizations to share live and on-demand video content with their employees.

Explore Haivision Media Platform’s robust security features, which allow organizations to securely distribute video to a multitude of devices, including desktops, set-top boxes, and mobile. Share video both inside and outside of the corporate firewall with compromising security.

Discover how you can use Haivision Media Platform to share live events, video on demand, and IPTV with employees, and learn how the layouts feature can help you easily share corporate messaging throughout your organization.

In this video, learn about:

How the intuitive viewer portal makes it easy for employees to discover and watch video content.

The different options for centrally managing content and users, ensuring your users have easy access and that your corporate content is secure.

How Haivision Media Platform integrates third party applications like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Stream, and Office 365.