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Five Reasons to Start Monitoring Your Multi-Campus Church Today

Does your church identify as a multi-campus? If so, you probably have two or more campuses, or, even multiple venues within just one campus. In either case, all of your locations are considered part of the same ministry.

No matter how your multi-campus ministry is structured, you have one mission, and that is to share your message with your entire congregation.

There’s no question that the multi-campus church movement has boomed. It was reported that in the U.S. alone, there are over 8,000 multi-campus churches reaching 5 million people weekly. By now, we are well aware of the benefits that the multi-campus model brings. Not only have we seen faster growth, more new believers, and greater member engagement in multi-campus churches – but followers benefit too.

As your church extends its reach across more locations and your congregation expands, the more complex your ministry becomes.  As a result, maintaining the spirit of a church and its “DNA” across locations has become challenging for many organizations.

How can your church guarantee the consistency and integrity of its core identity? With the right tools, your church can manage the teachings and worship experience in a way that streamlines and standardizes the content and culture or your organization across all of its locations. These tools not only facilitate the delivery of content but allows ways to validate and monitor it at a distance! Now how inspirational is that!?!

So, let’s take a look at five reasons to start monitoring your multi-campus ministry today.

1. Greater Insight

As mentioned previously, the larger your ministry, the more complex it becomes. Especially if you are multi-campus.

As your church expands with new campuses, it is essential to oversee each location and ensure the heart and integrity of the entire church is maintained.

By observing each campus, your ministry can gain new insight into your worship experiences, message delivery and audience reaction.

Furthermore, when something really exciting happens at one of the satellite campuses, for example, inspirational leadership, or extraordinary audience engagement, the ability to observe this from the main campus or review during executive staff meetings can be extremely valuable in that it can inspire and bring new ideas to the organization as a whole! There are a few video solutions that can help you do this easily, and we’ll get into more detail later.

2. Strengthen Culture

Going hand-in-hand with the point above, the integrity of your church and its culture is key to your multi-campus growth and attracting new believers.

There are many aspects that encourage people to follow your ministry. From the teachings and experiences you offer, to the leadership style and the way you inspire people. All of these elements contribute to your church culture.

Generally, one of the most effective ways to welcome new people is to have them introduced by someone they know.

That said, providing a cohesive culture across your locations is important to retaining members and bringing in new faces.

3. Enhance Experiences

More often than not, new campuses are placed in small towns or rural areas – far from the original campus. Providing members with flexible locations is an obvious benefit of the multi-site model. However, this is only beneficial if members are receiving the same worship experience across campuses.

In addition, not all multi-campus churches are video-venues, which makes this task even more challenging.

Today, multi-site ministries rely on the staff at each campus to monitor the experiences. Some have even introduced “experience” ministers to help maintain experiences across locations.

Video streaming presents an easier way to maintain and enhance your experiences in remote areas. Through continual review and improvement, your ministry can provide a truly life-changing experience to members.

Whether your campuses are video-venues or not, monitoring is key to the success of your experiences. By watching each campus, your ministry can detect any gaps in your experiences, and where collaboration or leadership needs to be developed.

4. Improve Collaboration

This point is pretty straight forward but can easily be overlooked. Your leaders, staff, and members are all worshipping together, at a distance. To improve collaborative efforts, monitoring each location can help promote more transparency and improve communication between locations.

By monitoring your campuses from a central point, you can now watch multiple sites at once. That said, your pastors and staff are more aware of any weaknesses and can standardize communication practices.

5. Promote Leadership Training

Did you know most campus pastors are found internally? According to a report from Leadership Network, around 87% of campus pastors are trained and hired from within the church. With existing knowledge of church DNA, they can easily get new campuses up and running in no time.

As the face of the campus, each campus pastor must be well trained to represent the ministry and lead the community. To promote healthy leadership development, your ministry can observe the teachings, leadership technique, and audience reaction from each location.

Training is a continuous effort too. With on-demand video recordings, campus pastors, current trainees or even volunteers can easily review past events at a later time.

What’s next…

Although monitoring each campus may seem daunting, there are a lot of positive results that come from reviewing and gaining insight into how your ministry is growing.

There are a few solutions out there to address the challenges of being able to have a glimpse into the services and culture at each location, but only the right set of tools can your ministry easily see the impact of the message.

To help ministries get a closer look at their satellite campuses, Haivision just announced a new video streaming solution  –  the Haivision Multi-Campus Coaching service. It enables ministries to assess the impact of your worship set and message delivery in real-time or via recorded on-demand video, on any device.

As a fully managed service, our team is by your side from set-up to supporting your live events. So, let us worry about the technology while you focus on your mission – sharing your message.

To learn more about the Haivision Multi-Campus Coaching service, you can book a demo with one of our faith streaming experts. Demo sign up here.

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