An Enterprise Video Solution That’s Right for You

More and more businesses are turning to video to engage, educate and inform their employees, partners, and customers with video. And it’s never been easier to implement a solution that meets your unique requirements.

Broadcast to Everyone, Everywhere, from Anywhere

Engage your employees with video. Haivision helps you deliver secure, high-quality video to your employees, wherever they may be, from wherever you are. Live, on-demand, and IPTV for training, all hands meetings, and more.

Education in Any Situation

Need to distribute video to your employees, partners, or customers for training purposes? It’s easy, and it’s a remarkably effective way of keeping people informed.

Video as a Powerful Research Tool

You can record multiple HD video sources and broadcast live or on-demand to help your teams get the information they need to make intelligent, informed decisions.

Complete Your Company’s Video Ecosystem

Capture your employee’s attention with dynamic communications with IPTV and digital signage.

The Show Must Go On

Streaming live & on-demand video over the internet shouldn’t be hard. Get a video content management system that anyone can use to make sure you’re delivering video quickly and easily.

Learn how the BMW Group uses Haivision video solutions to stream live presentations and interactive Q&A with industry experts from remote plants across Germany.


See how our products are used

Your CEO expects the highest quality stream for your next all hands meeting. Haivision video streaming solutions ensure you can deliver that pristine viewing experience securely to every employee on all screens without overwhelming your network.

Diagram Global All HAnds

Connect with your employees using live or on-demand video communications across your global organization. Deliver efficient, high-impact visual messaging to staff on corporate web portals, televisions and digital signage. Broadcast corporate news, special events, internal marketing campaigns, HR training, and social events.

diagram enterprise Corporate communications

Some of the most important media assets within your organization are those produced internally for training employees, partners and customers. Haivision systems make it easy to record interactions and training simulations while applying real-time metadata so users can quickly search and aggregate important information.

diagram enterprise corporate training

Never miss the critical moment of discovery. When conducting research like product testing, focus groups and usability labs, you need to record multiple cameras and sources and make the content available for viewing and review by stakeholders. The Haivision Media Platform provides a better way to share live and recorded sessions with research teams and other key personnel throughout your facilities for later review, ensuring that the right audience gets direct input on testing and research.

Diagram Global All HAnds
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