Webcasting All Hands, Town Halls, and Live Events

Securely Distribute High-Quality Live Streams to Every Screen

With the Haivision Media Platform, you’ll deliver high-quality, low-latency, live or on-demand CEO all hands meetings, live events and any other corporate video content. The Haivision Media Platform distributes video to multiple locations worldwide without overwhelming your network.

Leveraging Haivision’s Active Directory, LDAP, and SSO support, administrators set permissions to make sure that the right people have access to the right content, and employees get a pristine viewing experience to view on the device of their choice.

Remote Contribution - Broadcast Corporate Events from Anywhere

Your Reliable, Low-Latency Remote Contribution Solution

Important events don’t always happen at your headquarters. Live streaming from remote sites to your production center gives production teams flexibility to include remote participants interactively and cover more events, without increasing your budget.

Include Haivision’s Makito X professional live encoder in your remote workflows. Contribute high-quality streams in any all hands, webcast or company event, no matter where you’re producing it, what video platform you’re using, or where your presenters are located. It’s convenient, cost efficient and flexible.

IPTV & Signage

Inform and Engage Employees with Dynamic Corporate Content

Stream live TV and promote corporate news, internal marketing campaigns and social events without placing extra burdens on your network.

Haivision Media Platform Enterprise provides administrative tools for IT and facility managers to deliver live broadcast television channels, internal live video content and corporate messages, so that employees have the information they need to do their jobs.

Research Recording

Video Solutions for Research, Collaboration and Education

Ideal for teams that need to capture and review multiple camera sources for observing events like product testing, focus groups, innovation labs, and training. Low-latency, high-quality video can be streamed live for real-time viewing and collaboration, and powerful metadata capabilities allow you to tag and easily find important moments in live and recorded videos.

The Haivision Media Platform offers a powerful suite of tools to stream and record video from up to 50 different cameras, and switch between multiple angles on the fly.

Internet Streaming

Communicate with Audiences Outside Your Firewall

Effortlessly broadcast live events online and publish your videos on websites, mobile applications, and social platforms.

Haivision’s professional-grade adaptive bitrate internet streaming encoders, the KB Series, make sure your content looks great for internet audiences watching on any device.

For organizations looking for a managed solution, the Haivision Video Cloud service creates publishing workflows that help you automatically distribute video across internet destinations, giving you more time to focus on content creation.

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