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Beyond the Video Wall: Sharing Real-time Content Across Multiple Sites

If you’re already leveraging video walls in an operation and command center, you understand the value they bring with real-time data visualization, team collaboration, and content flexibility. However, more can be done with these systems to offer complete situational awareness and streamlined communication across a multi-site organization. The evolution of operational needs now demands that we look beyond conventional video wall setups by distributing the content to multiple sites to aid inter-agency collaboration.

Beyond the Wall: The Next Step in Video Wall Content Distribution

As impactful as video walls are within operation centers, the scope for distributing content doesn’t end here. There are compelling scenarios necessitating the push of this content beyond the physical confines of the main command room. This might involve sharing critical data across different locations for unified decision-making, enabling swift emergency response with real-time information dissemination, or ensuring that executives and stakeholders, regardless of their physical presence, remain informed and engaged.

Key Reasons for Distributing Your Video Wall Content to Multiple Locations

  • Unified Decision-Making Across Diverse Locations: In large-scale or multi-site operations, sharing video wall content across various situational rooms ensures that all decision-makers are aligned, enhancing coordination and decision-making processes.
  • Efficient Emergency Response and Crisis Management: The ability to distribute video wall content in real-time to different locations allows for a coordinated response, ensuring that all teams have a synchronized view of the situation at hand.
  • Informed Executive Briefings and Stakeholder Engagement: Distributing content to briefing rooms or remote locations enables key decision-makers to stay informed, ensuring that strategic decisions are based on the latest operational insights.


Extending Your Reach with Advanced Video Wall Technology

A multi-site video wall system is a solution for distributing live and on-demand video across multiple locations efficiently, minimizing bandwidth usage while maintaining high-quality video integrity. Transitioning to a multi-site video wall approach requires both the right technology and a partnership with experts who understand the nuances of extending the reach of your video wall content.

Let’s delve into how this solution functions in the context of a Haivision Command 360 video wall.

Haivision Command 360 is a complete video wall solution comprised of software and hardware that displays critical content on high-definition displays in operation and command center environments. A key component of the Command 360 solution is the Alpha FX video processor, which ingests video from various sources before displaying them on a video wall within an operation center. To extend this capability to multiple locations, a secondary Alpha FX video processor can be incorporated into the system architecture. Once added, the output of the primary Alpha FX processor at the host site can be streamed over a private IP network or the internet using a Makito X4 encoder and SRT Protocol to the secondary site.

One notable advantage of the Alpha FX processor is its ability to decode video sources without requiring additional hardware. This feature enables the Alpha FX processor at the secondary site to decode the video stream and display the content onto the video wall, thereby establishing a multi-site system.

With this configuration, organizations can efficiently deliver low-latency video streams to multiple operation centers or office locations all around the world. This facilitates improved situational awareness, seamless collaboration, and better decision-making for the most efficient incident response.

Enhanced Operations Through Smart Distribution

When you choose to expand your existing video wall capabilities with our multi-site solution you can cover wider geographical areas. You’re not just enhancing your operational efficiency; you’re also ensuring that your organization remains resilient, responsive, and ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Expand Your Video Wall Capabilities

Speak to a video wall expert to learn how Haivision’s video wall solution can enable powerful visualization in your operation center and beyond.

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