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Better technology leads to faster, more effective decisions. Haivision’s video wall systems, video distribution solutions, and ISR technology are used by government agencies and defense organizations to establish a common operating picture and accelerate mission execution.

Make Informed Decisions Faster

Haivision’s real-time video networking and visual collaboration solutions are trusted in the field and command centers worldwide to support situational awareness for mission-critical applications. Known for their compliance with strict standards, Haivision products are suitable for government, military, aerospace, and public safety.

Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Video

Military-Grade Video Solutions

ISR Video

Deliver real-time situational awareness and intelligence from full motion video. Built for the most demanding intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) environments and platforms, Haivision solutions deliver on all fronts, with quality, low latency, and best-in-class security at the core of every product.

Haivision ISR video technology is used on manned and unmanned aircraft and vehicles, towers, ships, wearable technologies, and deployable communication kits for government, defense, and public safety applications. Our ruggedized products meet strict military environmental standards as well as industry standards for interoperability and cybersecurity, ensuring compliance throughout the ISR ecosystem.

Video Distribution

Secure Multi-Site Live Video Streaming

Video Distribution

For the most demanding live video needs, Haivision offers flexible solutions for multi-site video distribution, IPTV, and secure video delivery. Haivision Media Platform, Haivision’s video distribution solution, is the only open IP video distribution system on the DoDIN APL.

All-Hands Meetings and Commander’s Calls

Leverage technology to align employees with your agency’s purpose and goals. Video solutions live stream, record, as well as distribute live video for all-hands meetings, commander’s calls, or any internal communications.


Keep your team informed by using Haivision’s secure video distribution solutions to deliver broadcast TV channels across multiple sites without overwhelming your network. Haivision IPTV distribution features integrated signage as well as closed captioning, descriptive audio, and text scaling while maintaining compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Section 508.

Operation and Command Centers

Real-Time Situational Awareness for Mission-Critical Decisions

Operation and Command Center

Haivision’s complete video wall solution delivers secure live video in order for defense and government agencies to dynamically respond to assess, inform, and act faster than ever. Common applications include:

  • Tactical Operation Centers
  • Joint Operation Centers
  • Security Operation Centers
  • Emergency Operation Centers
  • War Rooms
  • Executive Briefing Rooms
  • Network Operation Centers

Haivision’s expeditionary video wall solutions provide complete, scalable mobile displays and portable standup kits. These tactical solutions ultimately allow users to seamlessly establish a mobile operation center system in minutes. Common applications include:

  • Mobile Command Centers
  • Expeditionary Operation Centers
  • Mobile Emergency Response Centers

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