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Church Live Streaming Equipment Guide

Although traditionally people have long gathered in-person for regular church services, as modern life continues to change, new ways of coming together are emerging. With new technology available, live streaming by churches and ministries has been growing in popularity even before the need for social distancing. With the past few years of uncertainty forcing many organizations to be flexible, ministries have demonstrated their agility by expanding their services to streaming platforms.

With this shift to online streaming, why should you live stream your church services and what do you need to virtually engage with your congregation? This post looks at some of the benefits of streaming your services and the equipment you need to set up a live stream for your church or ministry.  

The Benefits of Live Streaming Your Church Service

A great part of being in a church community is creating connections, and one of the major benefits of streaming online is the chance to expand the reach of your message and connect with new followers, no matter where they are located. By live streaming your services, you open the possibility of bringing in new viewers who can help you grow through promotion on their social networks and by sharing content like past streams and recorded events. This also enables you to overcome the physical limitations of your building’s capacity and ensures your message can reach those that aren’t able to attend in person.

Online church video streams also provide new ways for your congregation to engage with you and your message through live streaming events or interactive online Bible study streams. Also, if attendance dips, it’s important to find a way to encourage new engagement and expand your reach through promoted online events or by sharing ones that are previously recorded.  

What you Need for Your Church Live Streaming Setup

The first thing you need when starting your church live streaming set up is a camera. These days, streaming in HD or 4K is popular, so consider a camera that has at least a 720p or 1080p resolution with 30 or 60 fps (frames per second) capability. Professional UHD 4K cameras can come with steep price tags, so a good quality camcorder or webcam is a good place to start. Along with the camera, make sure to pick up a tripod to stabilize your camera if you need it.  

Poor lighting can negatively affect the quality of your video image so you’re going to want to invest in some lights. There’s no need to worry if you’re new to lighting design, thanks to the simple set up of the three-point lighting system. Place a back light behind the pastor or speaker with a key light and a fill light on each side of the camera, in front and both at 45 degrees. The lights near the camera will help illuminate the subject and the back light will eliminate any shadows created by the two in front.  

Other church live streaming accessories that enhance the experience for your audience include a microphone for better audio quality and a video switcher to switch between video signals or multiple cameras. If you’re using a professional video camera and need a video encoder, the Haivision Makito X Video Encoder series provides secure, low latency HD video at low bitrates. In addition, a critical part of your setup to make streaming easier, is a good live streaming platform.  

Haivision Connect User Friendly Interface

Live Streaming Platform for Churches: Haivision Connect

When it comes to choosing the right live streaming platform for your church, look for something with a robust feature set that’s simple to use. Haivision Connect offers everything you need to get started with online video and to grow your congregation. Connect is a cloud platform that’s easy-to-use thanks to its user-friendly interface and single screen design which makes it simple for anyone to schedule and quickstart a stream with just a few clicks. Connect also features tools for real-time monitoring of streams and advanced video analytics that help ministries measure audience engagement and make informed decisions about which content resonates most.

Haivision Connect is designed specifically for ministries and enables churches to easily stream to multiple platforms simultaneously, giving your audience the opportunity to choose how they would like to tune in. This flexibility gives streamers the option to broadcast to a wide variety of platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Church Online Platform, web players, mobile apps like Subsplash and Pushpay, custom RTMP/RTMPS destinations, and more.  

Another key feature of Haivision Connect is the ability to repurpose high-quality recorded content online via simulated live streaming. Using a library of your content, simulated live streaming, or “Sim-Live”, gives you the opportunity to set up multiple events that can reach your audience at more convenient times for them with previously recorded events.

As you can see there are many benefits to taking your church services online. With the right technology in place, you can not only reach your existing audience, but you can encourage more people to join your worship community.

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