SRT Trailblazers: Comcast Technology Solutions Relies on SRT to Provide Customers with Flexibility, Visibility, and Peace of Mind

Recently we were extremely fortunate to be joined by guest speaker, Peter Gibson, Executive Director of Product at Comcast Technology Solutions as part of our SRT Tuesday webinar series. Sponsored by Haivision, Microsoft, and the SRT Alliance, the webinar series is designed to showcase the latest innovations using the SRT open source protocol.

SRT in Action

Hear from Comcast Technology Solutions and Eurovision Services about the benefits that SRT is bringing to their customers.

SRT for Channel Delivery

With a deep understanding of requirements of broadcast and video delivery, Comcast Technology Solutions, a division of Comcast Cable, provides operators, the advertising community as well as content, streaming, technology, and communications providers with a range of technologies focused on delivering content to global audiences and driving revenue growth.

A trailblazer in the SRT community, Comcast Technology Solutions joined the SRT Alliance in 2018, and now leverages SRT in its Live Linear Suite, specifically, the Channel Delivery service which allows customers to acquire, process, and deliver broadcast-quality channels over the internet using a variety of acquisition sources. SRT provides Comcast Technology Solutions with the flexibility needed for distributing its customers’ content to their viewers no matter where they are located. Sourced from satellite, fiber, dedicated networks, or over the internet, live video streams are packaged and pushed out to the Comcast edge network for channel delivery.

The Benefits of SRT

Peter highlights what Comcast Technology Solutions see as the core benefits of using SRT:

Security and Reliability
Foundational to the services it offers its customers, security and reliability are of paramount importance. SRT offers a robust solution with AES 256-bit content encryption, ensuring valuable content is protected. These are foundational capabilities that the industry and Comcast customers have come to expect.

With customers across a variety of different topologies and implementations within their environments including public cloud or private data centers, one of the central tenets of Comcast’s solutions is offering its clients as much as flexibility as possible. By allowing Comcast to send signals over the open internet, SRT provides that flexibility.

For content owners and customers acquiring content, the ability to understand where signals are being distributed is critical. For signal disputes or issues with content that has to be taken down, using SRT over the internet allows signals to be disabled and taken down in a matter of seconds rather than hours or even days which was often the case when using satellite.

“The benefits of SRT that we love to provide to our customer base include the visibility of where content is being distributed, the comfort of knowing that it’s secure, reliable, and performant, and the flexibility to ensure that we support a variety of different acquisition means.”

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