Sugar Creek Connects Congregations with Live and on-demand HD Video Using Haivision DVR.


Sugar Creek was seeking to connect its members, providing the same worship experience from their home church location to their new satellite location. They needed to deliver live sermons and media that would be displayed on large screens at the new location.

The video would be captured from a stationary camera filming the sermon, while the second feed would contain additional live video and media such as relevant images, slides and recorded video content.

The streams needed to be available on-demand as the services usually have a 30 minute delay. Both streams needed to be perfectly synchronized and of excellent quality.

“We can expand our church experience to other congregations easily with live and on-demand video through a simplified workflow.”

Matt RhodesDirector of Technical Production - Sugar Creek Baptist Church

Recorded and stored in the cloud

Sugar Creek selected Haivision to meet their video challenges. The live camera films the service and the additional content feed is sent to a dual channel converter. Converted to a single stream, Haivision’s KulaByte internet encoder transmits this stream to Haivision DVR, where the stream is recorded and stored in the cloud and then delivered with the desired time-shift, whether a few seconds, hours or even days.

Perfect synchronization

At the destination, the stream is split by a multi-display adaptor into the two original channels and displayed in perfect synchronization on large projection screens in the service hall to the 500 members at the remote campus.

diagram Sugar Creek


Remote church

With the technology available to stream sermons in HD, the expansion of Sugar Creek to a second location has been simplified and the members’ experience enhanced. Haivision DVR provides the ability to start sermons whenever it’s convenient and gives the remote church enough time to have a live music performance before listening to the pastor’s sermon from the main church.

Inspirational experience

The flawless video delivery and synchronized dual stream enhances the sermon for members and connects them to their community to create a more inspirational experience.