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This large Fortune 100 enterprise provides a suite of widely used platforms that empower billions of users worldwide to share experiences, ideas, and information. The company operates on an international scale, with robust infrastructure in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific regions. Known for constant innovation, this enterprise continues to seek new and effective ways to approach every aspect of their business.

"This use case opened our eyes to the potential of a hub-and-spoke model for operation centers. For this large enterprise, the global security operation center acts as a central hub, seeing everything and coordinating with regional hubs that directly support nearby data centers. This infrastructure utilizes Haivision video wall technology to streamline operations, foster interdepartmental communication, and drive effective decision-making."

Aaron Leiker
Vice President of Operation Centers, Haivision

Using Haivision video wall technology to streamline operations

The Challenge

Challenges of upgrading a global Security Operations Center

Upgrading a Large-Scale Global Security Operations Center (GSOC)

Prior to working with Haivision, this Fortune 100 company relied on a single, centralized global security operations center (GSOC) to monitor threats, coordinate security efforts, and ensure operational continuity across its worldwide locations.

As their business and security needs grew, the company wanted to create a larger network of security operation centers to monitor security threats worldwide. The customer had to identify the most suitable video wall solution for their multiple sites and find the right display technology, processing power, and integration solutions for their GSOC upgrade. This involved vetting various vendors, including Haivision, ensuring compatibility between chosen components, assessing scalability for future growth, evaluating ease of use and user interface design, and considering overall cost-effectiveness and support services offered by the providers.

To make sure their security requirements were addressed by the Haivision video wall solution, the customer did security penetration testing, compliance auditing, vulnerability assessments, and other application security tests to identify, quantify, and prioritize vulnerabilities in the system. The GSOC modernization project aimed to implement best practices and mitigate potential threats, but it also had to be able to handle the ever-increasing volume of assets effectively.

To ensure a seamless workflow for the GSOC team, user-friendliness was a key factor when selecting the technology for this project. The ideal solution should integrate effortlessly with existing practices and require minimal technical expertise to operate a complex technology stack. This empowers the GSOC operators to focus their valuable skills on core tasks without getting bogged down by complex technical configurations of the video wall itself.

The Solution

Global Security Operation Center Solution

Haivision Provides a User-Friendly, Scalable Global Security Operation Center Solution

Haivision’s video wall solution stood out, winning against other solutions based on a variety of industry-leading capabilities:

  • Easy to Use: Haivision provides a user-friendly interface, requiring minimal training (unlike competitors who demanded week-long training programs).
  • Focus on Automation: The Haivision solution aligns with the client’s need for a system that handles routine security tasks through an API.
  • Single Platform Consistency: Haivision offers a cohesive solution that serves multiple operational needs — video processing, asset management, and interaction with video wall displays — all through a single software platform. This ensures that the operations across various command centers are consistent, regardless of their geographical locations.
  • Innovation and Agility: Haivision works directly with the customer’s security system and protocols allowing the video wall solution to work in tandem with the customer’s current security information and event management (SIEM) systems and tools for predictive analytics, automated incident response, and advanced surveillance.

Building a Scalable Solution

This customer had countless content sources, like live video feeds, social media streams, performance metrics, and other project management tools, making it imperative that the video wall processor was high-performance. The processing power of Haivision’s video wall solution meant the video wall ecosystem was able to handle this high demand for content without stacks of processor hardware. Ultimately, the customer chose the Haivision video wall solution due to the degree of control, scalability, and flexibility that its technology offered.

A Foundation for the Future

The project was designed to accommodate the customer’s inevitable expansion – both in terms of number of centers and in capabilities. Many of the features embedded into this customer’s solution support future possibilities. For instance, Haivision’s video wall solution team recognized the potential of APIs to streamline security workflows and reduce manual configurations. Additionally, secure mobile collaboration features were used to empower personnel to contribute to decision-making outside the physical GSOC environment.

Haivision’s automation capabilities aligned perfectly with the customer’s need for a system that handles routine security tasks like threat monitoring and analysis, incidence response, and much more.

The project involved several key elements:

  • Phased Implementation: To mitigate risk and ensure user buy-in, the project began by updating their existing, less complex, regional security operations center (SOC) before tackling the larger project – the GSOC refresh.
  • Integration Expertise: Haivision partnered with Constant Technologies to ensure seamless integration with the client’s existing Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) systems.
  • Future-Proof Design: The video wall system featured unparalleled redundancy in processing, architecture, network, and power, ensuring virtually no downtime.
  • Central Coordination Across All Locations: The Haivision solution ensures that the central GSOC can coordinate with regional hubs and oversee nearby data centers and other operation center types.

Content and System Demands

The Haivision solution offers:

  • High Resolution: The LED video wall system offers exceptional image clarity for displaying many data sources.
  • Data Aggregation: The system can pull up video and data feeds from thousands of potential sources, providing a comprehensive situational awareness picture.
  • User Roles and Permissions: Haivision’s solution accommodates numerous distinct user roles within the operation center, ensuring granular access control.
  • Content Diversity: The system displays a variety of content, including camera feeds, internal dashboards, web pages, and custom widgets.
A scalable and manageable Command Center

The Result

A User-Friendly Command Center Powerhouse

Haivision’s solution transformed the company’s global security operation center (GSOC), delivering significant improvements, including a straightforward blueprint for new centers as the enterprise scales. This large enterprise leverages Haivision solutions in over 15 locations in North America, as well as in global security operation centers in the EMEA and APAC regions. Each operation center is equipped for up to 80 staff members.

Enhanced Scalability and Manageability

Haivision’s solution was delivered on the promise of rapid deployment and consistent operation across all command centers. As part of this successful implementation, Haivision has collaborated with this company to develop standardized processes for future command center deployments, ensuring consistency and rapid setup across the enterprise.

The modernized GSOC addresses the client’s need for robust asset management through the introduction of metadata tagging within their video wall software, Haivision Command 360. Haivision’s solution enables effortless user management on a global scale. Furthermore, the solution prioritizes an intuitive interface that minimizes training requirements for the client’s less technical GSOC staff.

Haivision’s focus on user experience stands as a key differentiator, as well. The solution catered to large enterprises with large teams with varying technical skill levels, ensuring everyone could leverage the system effectively. This focus on user-friendliness is a key reason for the project’s success.

Haivision’s solution continues to empower this Fortune 100 company’s ability to manage their GSOC operations with greater efficiency and scalability. The project not only addressed the customer’s immediate needs for robust asset and user management and security requirements, but also laid the groundwork for a future-proof, user-centric network of global security operations centers.

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