With more than 20 facilities and more than 18,000 employees, this government organization is responsible for science and technology research about climate and space exploration.

“Haivision's video distribution solutions are streaming the highest quality, lowest latency live video from launch pads for viewing in real-time in control rooms across the organization. In addition to video streaming for launch missions, our live video platform is used across the agency’s more than 20 centers and facilities, powering live video streaming and IPTV workflows.”

Alex Beck
Senior Vice President, US Federal, Haivision

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The Challenge

Challenges faced by government space agency

To document and monitor the success of the most historic missions in science and space exploration, the aerospace agency needed a way to easily distribute video in real-time to employees throughout its organization as well as to viewers outside the agency.

Addressing the challenge of distributing high-quality video during space launches required a solution that could help the space agency transport low latency video to control rooms, across several different internal departments and other government agencies, as well as to external organizations. It was crucial that the video and audio feeds be delivered at the lowest latency possible for the launch crews, scientists, and other agency experts to see every aspect of the rocket launch mission in real-time.

The Solution

Mission Critical Solutions provided by Haivision

To achieve this, the agency turned to Haivision to provide an end-to-end video solution for launch monitoring that encodes and distributes video across the organization for consumption on desktops and monitors while simultaneously delivering it to operation and command centers for monitoring and real-time decision-making.

Before each rocket launch, multiple cameras are set up at the launch site to capture live video that is encoded by Haivision Makito X4 video encoders with ultra-low latency.

This video is distributed internally using Haivision Media Platform, a scalable live video platform, to over 20 agency centers, including public affairs offices and other government agencies for internal communications and mission-critical applications.

Agency staff have the flexibility to watch the Haivision Media Platform content on their computers via web browser or on monitors in conference rooms and common viewing areas using the Haivision Play Set Top Box.

The video is also sent through firewalls using the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) video protocol to external third-party organizations, such as media outlets, for broadcast coverage and to partners at other space organizations.

Haivision’s video wall solution is also powering a number of operation and command centers at the agency, giving them access to real-time video and data as mission events unfold. Haivision’s video wall solution is powered by Haivision Command 360, the most advanced visual collaboration software for situational awareness and real-time decision-making for mission-critical environments.

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The Result

With Haivision video solutions, the organization can make informed decisions faster to ensure a successful mission. In addition to launch monitoring, the live video distributed from the Haivision Media Platform is essential for supporting situational awareness with broadcast coverage and weather information viewed by more than 30,000 from inside and outside the organization.

Haivision technology has been integral to several of their high-profile rocket launches with Haivision Makito X video encoders and decoders distributing high-quality, low latency video and audio feeds for real-time monitoring and communication from the launch pads to the control rooms.

To prepare and plan for future space exploration missions, including upcoming missions to the moon, Haivision video solutions are currently being leveraged by this government agency in more than 20 of its facilities, as well as by several commercial space companies.

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