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Fairfax, VA-based MAG Aerospace is a leader in providing and enabling real-time situational awareness to help its customers make the world smaller and safer. MAG delivers a full spectrum C5ISR services, including integration, operations, training, technical, a specialty aviation services such as special mission training for customers from around the world.

“The Haivision system takes our tactical operations center and creates a hyper-realistic training environment with the ability to customize displays and show multiple programs and feeds. It allows every member of the Strike team to build real-time situational awareness and prosecute as if they were working with the same technology they will see when they head down range.”

Kris Westendorff
MAG Subject Matter Expert, MQ-9 Reaper

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The Challenge

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Offered through its Special Mission Training division, MAG Aerospace’s Kinetic Strike Training Program bridges a gap in proficiency for JOC-based kinetic strike employment. Most Special Operations Units rely on external entities like MAG Aerospace to provide realistic training simulations for both administrative and tactical environments. The company’s training programs are based on a “train-as-you-fight” philosophy that leverages advanced visual collaboration solutions to prepare men and women to confidently handle conflict in the tactical arena.

Over the years, the company’s TOC had gone through several evolutions. What once started as a few screens in a maintenance closet evolved into a much larger and technically advanced facility. However, the visual technology systems within the TOC were not modernly integrated and therefore not functional enough to provide training scenarios with realistic tactical timing.

MAG Aerospace decided to upgrade to true visual collaboration technology to become more fully integrated. This would allow them to provide a more realistic sensory experience for users that demonstrated the efficiencies and realism associated with the company’s operations.

The Solution

MAG Aerospace Visual Collaboration System

MAG Aerospace turned to Haivision to upgrade the visual collaboration system within its TOC. As previous members of Joint Special Operations Task Forces, leadership within the company had experienced the caliber of Haivision’s offerings first-hand in other theatre operations.

Haivision worked with the company to design an optimal solution that would elevate and strengthen the training experience. The team at MAG Aerospace had a firm idea of what it wanted, and Haivision validated spatial planning and design feasibility. The company ultimately implemented an eight-panel video wall to provide high definition, multi-source viewing powered by the Haivision video wall solution. This allows MAG Aerospace to easily control video wall content without the need for technical resources.

The flexibility, scale, and full integration of Haivision’s solution allows MAG Aerospace to execute training with multiple teams, including terminal attack controllers, special staff members assigned to operations positions, fire support officers, commanders, and target engagement authority.

MAG Aerospace Video Wall Solution

The Result

Implementing Haivision’s video wall solution has been instrumental in helping MAG Aerospace create a fully integrated, functional, scalable, and operational TOC. Service members experience a realistic tactical environment that has greatly improved the overall training experience.

The ability to easily control content through one location has been a game-changer for MAG Aerospace’s Special Mission Training division. The efficiency and ease-of-use is unrivaled and critical to delivering a realistic simulation. By only needing one screen manager to control content, the solution minimizes the manpower required to run training exercises.

Looking forward, the company anticipates future uses for the TOC’s control room and expanding as required to meet the needs of its customers and partners. The scalability of Haivision’s solution helps open the door to endless growth and expansion possibilities.

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