Stryke Video Processor

Establish a common operating picture from your team in the field to inform mission-critical decisions. The Stryke processor is portable and rugged for easy transport in extreme conditions.

Haivision Stryke Rugged Video Processor

Video Processing for Tactical Operations

Provide your team with real-time situational awareness from wherever the mission takes you– rigid shelters, tactical command posts, or emergency response mobile operation centers. Available as a standalone unit or with accessory packages, operators in a variety of environments can share multiple video streams and images.

Lightweight Processors

Small and Lightweight

Ruggedized video processing


Mission-Ready Visualization


Benefit - optional accessory packages

Accessory Packages

Reliable Technology

24/7 Reliability

Compact man-portable video processor

Small and Lightweight

Compact, fanless, and easy to carry in a backpack. There's no need for special handling during transport if your mission requires on-the-go video processing.


From an arid desert, humid jungle, or frozen tundra, conduct operations in the harshest of environments with the confidence your equipment will perform reliably. Designed to withstand shock and vibration, teams can even use the Stryke in a moving vehicle.

Rugged Video Processing
Downrange video processing


Focus on the mission at hand with a video processor you can set up in minutes. Both maintenance-free and easy-to-use, the standalone Stryke is compatible with most LCD, projector, and LED displays to establish a command and control system in the field.

Accessory Packages

Complement your Stryke to meet your team's mission requirements with our optional packages. Our core package includes a control point screen and accessories packed in a ruggedized transport case. Our display package includes a portable, 3x1 LCD video wall for scenarios that demand multiple sources or viewers.

Stryke accessory packagess

Stryke Product Specifications

Stryke Portable Video Processor

Up to 4 x 4K outputs
Up to 4 x 4K physical inputs
12 lbs. .5 oz

Operating Temperature Range: -13° to 105° F
Storage Temperature Range: -40° to 203° F
Operating/Storage Humidity: 5-95%, non-condensing
Protective Conformal Coating: Humiseal 1B71

Take the Virtual Tour

See how our comprehensive video wall solution provides real-time situational awareness to inform mission and business-critical decisions with this interactive 3D model.

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