IDEX 2019 ISR Demonstration

Haivision’s ISR Full Motion Video Solutions Debut at IDEX

IDEX is an international defense exhibition and conference that takes place biennially in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This year, we’ll be exhibiting at the event for the first time from February 17-21 at in the Canada Pavilion, Stand B45. And if you are attending this year’s event, you will certainly want to stop by.

Here’s what you can expect to see from our latest full motion video technology for land, sea, and air platforms:

A live ISR platform demonstration

We’ll simulate the backhaul encoding workflow typical in mobile ISR platforms such as tanks, ships, and aircraft. Haivision will give a live product demonstration that includes a new low latency video encoding technology sending separate, HEVC and H.264 streams simultaneously, for high-bitrate backhaul to a Makito X low latency decoder on platform, and to a Haivision Media Gateway (using the SRT protocol) for low-bitrate downstream dissemination to multiple destinations including mobile devices off platform.

Defense debut of the Makito X4 ultra low latency video encoder

A highlight of the show and one of the first public demonstrations, we’ll introduce the brand new, next-generation quad-HD & 4K/UHD capable Makito X4 video encoder. It supports both HEVC and H.264 on 8 powerful encoding cores. The Makito X4 is STANAG and MISB compliant, and is the future-proof option for today and tomorrow’s defence workflows.

Introducing the next generation defense encoding platform – Makito X4 Rugged

Furthermore, we’ll have the first public showcase of the newly-launched Makito X4 Rugged video encoder on display. It’s a fully ruggedized multi-channel compact form factor video encoder appliance for deployment in fixed and mobile ISR platforms. It will feature digital and analog inputs, ultra low latency encoding with HEVC and H.264, dual NICs for networking separation, MISB-compliant KLV metadata and more.  

If you’re planning on attending IDEX and are looking for ISR platform, communication or mission assessment solutions, come and talk with us in the Canada Pavilion, Stand B45. We’ll be happy to introduce you to our latest in low latency video encoding technology.

Can’t make it to IDEX this year? Click on the following links to learn more about the new low latency Makito X4 and Makito X4 Rugged video encoders.

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