Behind the Streams with Elevation Church

Working Together: Going Behind the Streams with Elevation Church

More ministries than ever have been embracing video streaming technology to connect with their congregations – especially important for communities that haven’t been able to gather in person. For some, 2020 is the first time that they have ever used video streaming, while other ministries have drawn on their experience as they’ve expanded their faith streaming over the course of the year.

Elevation Church is a ministry with a fair amount of experience – and success – in faith streaming. This is why we will be hosting a “Behind the Streams” webinar on Thursday, October 22, with Nick Dooley, IT Director at Elevation Church: we will talk about the tools that they use to connect with streaming, the workflows they use to engage their congregation, and how things have changed for them over the last six months.

Special Guest: Nick Dooley of Elevation Church

Elevation Church is a ministry that began in North Carolina, and has grown over the years to include 20 physical campuses, as well as a strong online ministry. In 2019 alone, Elevation Church’s online sermons received over 87 million views.

Nick Dooley has been the IT Director of Elevation Church for over 10 years. Given his extensive experience with streaming technology with Elevation Church, we will be focusing on two main topics during our discussion: online ministry and multi-campus streaming.

Online Ministry

The last few months has seen a dramatic rise in the number of ministries sharing their services online, which is why we want to speak with someone from a ministry that has been successfully sharing their message online for years.

Nick will walk us through the tools that Elevation Church uses to reach out to their congregation at home, and how their team coordinates to ensure that online services are low latency and high quality, giving their congregation a worship experience akin to what they would witness in a physical church – something that has been especially important as social distancing restrictions have made it difficult for people to attend services in person.

Multi-Campus Streaming

Elevation Church has twenty physical campuses stretching through the Carolinas, Florida, Virginia, and even Toronto, Canada. By connecting these campuses with video streaming, the team at Elevation Church is able to train and coach campus pastors, staff, and volunteers.

Nick will explain how their team connects the different campuses with low latency video streaming, and how coaching has shifted through the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they will move forward as restrictions begin to ease.

The Impact of COVID-19 in 2020 and Beyond

In this live webinar, we will explore the impact that COVID-19 has had on ministries, and the changes that the team at Elevation Church has put into place in response. Looking ahead, we will also discuss what the possible long term effects on ministry will be, and how video streaming will be used in the church going forward as many ministries prepare to reopen.

Be sure to join us next Thursday, October 22, for an insightful look into how ministries can use video streaming to reach their congregation and keep their community connected. Can’t join us for the live webinar? Register to be among the first to receive the on-demand recording!

Behind the Streams: Live with Elevation Church

Hear how the team at Elevation Church is using faith streaming to bring their congregation together in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they plan on moving forward.

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