Say Hello to Haivision Connect

Say Hello to Haivision Connect! Livestreaming for Churches Made Easy

Today on the blog, we’re thrilled to share some big news about a brand-new product. Say hello to Haivision Connect, the all-new livestreaming cloud platform for churches and ministries. Our brilliant House of Worship team has been hard at work behind the scenes to create an easy-to-use streaming solution that perfectly matches the way that ministries work. 

Streaming for Churches has Never Been Easier 

Built for churches and ministries of all sizes, Haivision Connect is an easy-to-use live and simulated-live streaming platform for any ministry or church to reach viewers online. With Haivision Connect, you can schedule livestreams, manage your devices, and monitor events, all from a single browser or tablet window. Connect’s easy-to-use interface enables anyone, even non-technical volunteers, to set up a livestream quickly. Connect does the work for you so you can concentrate on what matters most – creating experiences that inspire your audience. 

  • Reach people wherever they are
    Engage your audience on the platforms they love. Haivision Connect has built-in support for YouTube, Facebook, web players, and mobile apps like Pushpay and Subsplash, so that you can livestream to everywhere, from anywhere.
  • Maximize your content
    Amplify your message and extend the reach of your content by using previously recorded or uploaded video to launch simulated livestreams. With advanced scheduling and restreaming, you can set up multiple events to replay at times that best suit your audiences.
  • Know your audience
    Create custom metrics that matter to you, fast. Haivision Connect makes it easier than ever to track audience views, engagement time, and more, giving you meaningful data to help measure the reach of your message.  

Haivision Connect ScreenshotsDesigned with Ministry in Mind 

We are all unique! That’s why Haivision Connect is built to match the way you work. It’s easy to configure with simple customizable workflow elements which make scheduling streams a breeze. As Daniel Alexander, Director Product Management at Haivision explains, “Haivision Connect has been carefully designed with ministry workflows in mind. By combining Haivision’s  award-winning technology, including the SRT protocol and the highly reliable Makito video encoder, with an all-new cloud platform that matches the way ministries work, Haivision Connect ushers in a new era of streaming that makes it easier than ever for churches to share their message and engage with their audiences.”  

Ready for a closer look at Haivision Connect?

Register for the Haivision Virtual Summit on October 21, 10 EST for a live deep dive into the all-new feature rich livestreaming platform created with ministry in mind.

Technology you Can Trust

Haivision Connect uses the same award-winning, reliable broadcast-quality technology trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide including major broadcasters, corporations, and government agencies for their mission-critical video applications. Backed by dedicated, experienced support experts available 24/7 available, Haivision Connect allows users to stream with complete confidence.

Already tested and adopted by numerous churches, our customers agree that Haivision Connect is set to transform the way that ministries stream video.

“Haivision Connect’s user interface is intuitive and extremely easy to use,” said Jordan Grimes, Production & IT Director, Encounter Church. “It’s a real game-changer and so much better than anything else on the market. I love that it’s so fast and simple to get up and running.”

“We love using Haivision Connect! There are so many great features, and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it,” said Joshua Hays, Network and Audio-Visual Support Specialist, First Presbyterian Church Colorado Springs. “Analytics are easy, and with one simple click, you can see the key viewing statistics that pastors want to know about.”

“When I started using the new Haivision Connect interface, I was impressed with how simple everything was,” said Roxane Griner, Communications Director, Grace City Church. “I love the look and the many features that help make it easy to schedule and launch to multiple platforms with just a few clicks. I also love having all the demographics of our audience so easily accessible. I love most that Haivision has considered their clients’ needs and implemented features that make livestreaming a breeze for any skill level.”

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