How Redemption Church uses Haivision Connect

Redemption Church Trusts Haivision Connect to Help Grow its Online Ministry

Founded in 1991 and led by Pastors Hope and Ron Carpenter Jr., Redemption Church is a large ministry located in San Jose, CA and Greenville, SC with i.Church online members located around the globe. An early adopter of video technology, Redemption has changed the way people worship, connect with its congregation, and give back to its community. I spoke with Joe Hayes, Media Director, and Robert Cuyar, IT Director, to find out more about the rapid growth of its online community over the years.

Innovative Approach

With a steadfast commitment to growing and serving its audience, Redemption Church has been a trailblazer in its use of technology to reach and engage with people anywhere. Recognizing early on the limitless opportunities to be gained from embracing the internet, Redemption has successfully brought together a virtual community of believers on its i.Church platform, which continues to grow from strength to strength. Redemption also regularly streams to Facebook, YouTube, as well as mobile and OTT apps.

A Trusted Partner in Haivision

With ambitious goals to build upon their online success and reach a bigger audience, Redemption turned to Haivision’s technology almost ten years ago to address some of the video challenges it faced. With Haivision video streaming solutions in place, Redemption is able to deliver live, low latency interactive worship experiences from both its San Jose and Greenville campuses to their online audience worldwide.

According to Joe Hayes, “Haivision has always stepped up to the plate, the team understands our challenges and is always able to help provide a solution. We absolutely love Haivision’s solutions. They have always been able to deliver an excellent quality, robust product for us, which means I always have peace of mind on a Saturday night. I don’t have to worry about Sunday morning and whether the world is going to be able to watch, I just know that I can rely on Haivision technology.”    

Thriving During the Pandemic

With limited in-person worship and without the right technology in place, many churches struggled to connect with their congregations during the pandemic. With a tried and tested solution in place, this was far from the case for Redemption Church as Joe Hayes explains.

“During the pandemic, our online viewership skyrocketed thanks to the equipment and services provided by Haivision. Our Facebook community has grown from around 40,000 views on a weekend to over 1.5 million with online giving also increasing.”    

Haivision Connect Delivers Peace of Mind

With live production online for services in its San Jose campus run in real-time from its location in Greenville, Redemption Church was quick to turn to Haivision Connect, Haivision’s new live streaming platform to help streamline its complex workflows. Joe explains that setting up all the feeds required for live streaming services to all the different platforms used to take up to three hours each weekend. Thanks to Connect’s easy-to-use interface and customizable workflows, managing schedules, devices, and streams can be done in a single browser window, reducing the time spent scheduling streaming to multiple destinations.

The use of the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol from its Haivison KB Encoders to the Haivision Connect cloud platform delivers the lowest latency live stream over a CDN explains Redemption’s Online Campus Pastor, Kaye Golden.   

“Our goal is to increase both our engagement and overall effective viewing time with our online congregation. Haivision Connect’s ultra-low latency for our live streaming allows us the opportunity to discuss sermon topics in our online chat in near real-time. This enhanced engagement is helping us build our physical attendance which is really what using Haivision technology is all about.”

Additionally, Haivision Connect is providing greater bandwidth efficiencies by enabling simultaneous video delivery to multiple platforms including social media, mobile, and OTT apps. Joe notes that:   

“Haivision Connect is so simple to use and is providing us significant savings on our bandwidth use which is a great added benefit. This makes it both a reliable and affordable option for churches with smaller budgets or limited access to high-speed internet.”   

Robert adds, “Not only is Connect helping us save on time and bandwidth, but it has also helped us to reduce the number of systems we use. An all-in-one, comprehensive live streaming solution, Haivision Connect is helping us to save money.”    

Editor’s note: This case study first appeared in the April 2022 issue of Technology for Worship.  

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