Plan Holiday Streaming for Your Ministry

Planning for Your Ministry’s Holiday Streams

Yes, it feels a little bit early to start talking about the holiday season. Even from where I’m sitting in the office, the trees have yet to lose their leaves. However, the reality is, Thanksgiving is less than a month away, and Christmas is less than two months away. It is always a busy time of year, and if you want to ensure that your ministry is ready for your holiday services, it is time to start planning. 

In this blog post, we’re going to give you a few quick tips to start planning out your ministry’s holiday streams. 

Consider the Ways Streaming Can Help Your Ministry Spread the Holiday Spirit 

One the very first questions your team needs to answer is how your ministry wants to use streaming to share your ministry’s message this holiday season, and what content you want to share. 

A good place to start is to look at how your ministry already uses streaming. For example, many ministries use streaming to share their Sunday services, but there may be other services throughout the week that are not usually streamed. Christmas Day will be on a Wednesday this year – will your ministry want to share this weekday service with streaming? 

And if you are sharing your holiday services, it is also important to consider that some of them may be a little different than usual. Will any of your holiday services feature nativity reenactments or choir performances?  

For both online and multi-site ministries, understanding what goes into your holiday services will help your team to coordinate and prepare. 

Make Your List and Check it Twice 

Once you have established what kind of content you want to share, your team will need to review how your ministry can share it. When going over your ministry’s list of holiday services, and special performances, create a list of the equipment needed. This includes having the correct number of cameras and microphones to fully capture the sound, sights, and spirit of your holiday services.  

Of course, your holiday services won’t run on technology alone. You will also need to establish how many people you will need present and working, both staff and volunteers. Considering that some of these holiday services, like a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day service fall outside of a regular Sunday schedule, it’s important to know how many of your regular volunteers will be available, or if you will need to train any new people. 

There is No Time Like the Present

I’ll be blunt: you need to start planning now. I know that the holiday season might feel like it’s a long way away, but great services take great planning, which takes time. It is important that you set your schedule early so that you can create realistic timelines to implement your plans, because we all know how hectic things can get in December. 

And this planning isn’t only important for your team – but for your congregation as well. The further in advance the members of your ministry know about your holiday services, the easier it will be for them to fix their schedules to attend, either online or in person. 

Now that you’re feeling ready to start your plans, make sure you have the right resources around you. When you’re preparing for your holiday services, streaming issues like copyright violations can create obstacles, but they don’t have to. Download Haivision’s Guide to Online Ministry today and enjoy a complete resource covering the basic and not so basic aspects that will make your holiday streams a success. 

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