Livestreaming for Churches Simplified

Livestreaming for Churches Simplified: An Introduction to Haivision Connect

Streaming for your church doesn’t have to be complicated. Thanks to Haivision Connect, our recently launched cloud-based platform, you don’t have to be an expert to livestream – with a user-friendly interface and simple workflows, we’ve made it easy for everyone! Created specifically by our video experts to simplify streaming for churches and ministries, Haivision Connect does the heavy lifting for you and makes reaching audiences anywhere a breeze.

As part of our recent Haivision Virtual Summit, our church streaming video experts gave a high-level overview of Haivision Connect that illustrated just how easy it is to get up and running with a walk-through of some of its key features. We’re sharing some of the highlights in this post.

Haivision Virtual Summit: Streaming, Simplified: Introducing Haivision Connect

Simplified Livestreaming

Thanks to its intuitive user interface, you can set up a livestream in just a few steps. Leveraging the Haivision developed SRT streaming protocol, video is streamed securely and reliably at extremely low latency which enables speakers or producers to see feedback from audiences watching online as it happens. And with a customizable video player, you can deliver a seamless experience to your audience with your own branding, layouts, and features.

Haivision Connect User Friendly Interface

A user-friendly, intuitive interface makes livestreaming simple

Low Latency Simultaneous Video Delivery

If you want to grow your audience, it’s important to reach people wherever they’re watching, whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, or web players. Haivision Connect allows you to stream simultaneously to multiple destinations, including third-party app platforms and embedded video players, at very low latency.

Haivision Connect Stream Anywhere

Reach your audience on the platforms they love

Single Point of Management

Haivision Connect offers a single point of management that gives users a better insight into what’s going on. You can manage devices, schedule streams, and monitor resource utilization in real-time, all from a single screen.

Simulated-Live Events

Haivision Connect makes light work of scheduling simulated-live events. With a flexible scheduler, files can be uploaded from a device or local storage and scheduled months in advance.

Advanced Video Analytics

To successfully build a community, understanding your audience and measuring engagement is key. Haivision Connect’s analytics offer valuable insights about who is watching your content, how long they are watching, where they are watching from, and more. You can even build your own dashboard with detailed metrics that track audience views as well as platform, location, and view duration data.

Haivision Connect Advanced Video Analytics

Understand your viewership

Designed with Ministry in Mind

Haivision Connect has been carefully designed by video experts in collaboration with leading churches with workflows that match the way that ministries work. Connect works by understanding your organization. You can set up key elements that make up your church from campuses and devices to speakers and services and use them as building blocks to create streams.

Watch Haivision Connect in Action

See for yourself how easy it is to get started in Haivision Connect using a quickstart stream explained in this step-by-step demonstration. From selecting the source of your stream for either a livestream or simulated live playback to choosing where you want to stream to, it’s easy to get up and running in less than a minute.

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