Why King Jesus Ministry Loves Haivision Connect for Livestreaming

Livestreaming has become more important than ever for houses of worship as being able to interact and connect with audiences remotely from anywhere helps to strengthen and grow communities. Haivision Connect, the easy-to-use live and on-demand video platform for ministries and churches, easily helps ministries keep their members together through livestreaming, no matter where they are.

We recently hosted a webinar with Jonathan Garcia, Technical Production Manager at King Jesus International Ministry, and he revealed why King Jesus chose Haivision Connect, how it’s made streaming easier for his team, and how it helped to extend its reach and quickly grow its ministry. 

 Streaming Challenges Facing Online Ministries

There are numerous livestreaming challenges that today’s churches and ministries are facing. Among them are trying to reach a wider audience through multiple channels such as social media platforms and YouTube, leveraging technology that is easy to use for both experienced members and volunteers, and being able to measure audience participation and grow communities through the right analytics tools.  

Haivision identified these key challenges and designed Connect with churches and ministries in mind from the ground up and with the main goal of helping users overcome them. Keep reading to learn about how King Jesus International Ministry uses Connect and to learn more about its benefits, including the all-new VOD feature.

How Haivision Connect Helps King Jesus International Ministry Overcome Those Challenges

King Jesus International Ministries has a very large following with nine local campuses with the main campus located in Miami, 15,000 local members, close to 430 worldwide ministries with a reach of 700,000 to 800,000 global members. The two main buildings in Miami, the church and the studio, are both built out to be full broadcast setups and content is shot or livestreamed from either the church or the studio and sent to a Haivision KB and then transported via SRT to Connect for live transmission.  

At times, King Jesus uses what they call a “road kit”, which consists of a Haivision KB encoder that captures live video on the road and can be shared easily through Connect. Watch as Jonathan Garcia talks about how Connect’s flexibility makes it easy for King Jesus to maintain and share content to its audience from remote locations.  

One of the key benefits of Haivision Connect is the ease of use for both professionals and volunteers thanks to its user-friendly interface. Users can quickly schedule a stream in just a few clicks from a single screen by following very simple step-by-step directions. Watch as Jonathan Garcia talks about how easy it is for him and his team, whether they’re streaming professionals or new volunteers, to schedule a livestream using Connect.  

Other features of Connect that help King Jesus are its Quickstart feature which enables it to go live quickly and stream to any location on different platforms and devices. Jonathan also noted how Connect’s low latency through SRT streaming has cut down latency from one to three minutes to 10 to 12 seconds. This enables the team to engage with its online audience before the service with little to no delay and build better connections. 

Haivision Connect’s low latency also helps when the main campus is livestreaming service from Miami to members who are located all around the world, meaning that a global audience can share the same experience as the live crowd in Miami and worship together in real-time.  

Want to see Haivision Connect for yourself?

Speak to one of our faith streaming experts and book a demo to see how Haivision Connect can help you with your livestreaming needs.

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