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Inspiring Leaders With Video: The Global Leadership Summit

The Global Leadership Summit is a two-day, world-class experience held in South Barrington, Illinois and is broadcast every August, live in HD to more than 500 locations across North America. In the months that follow, the Summit takes place across an additional 900+ sites in 135 countries. Focused on developing and inspiring leaders to make a positive impact in their local communities, the Summit brings together more than 400,000 like-minded leaders and influencers around the globe.

We spoke with Shana Case, Broadcast Director for The Global Leadership Summit. Shana graciously shared her experience of using Haivision’s video streaming technology to support the vision of the Summit and explains the impact it has had on reaching a wider audience.

Haivision: What was the primary driver that led you to look for a live streaming solution?

Shana: 2019 marks the 22nd year that the Global Leadership Summit has been broadcast to remote locations. What started out as an in-person local conference, quickly grew to more than 500 remote sites today across North America. Several factors lead the Summit to look for alternatives to satellite video transport including the impact of 9/11 on the willingness of attendees to travel, increases in bandwidth availability and the need for a back-up solution for satellite connections. We learned a valuable lesson in 2004 when a thunderstorm rolled into one of the premier host sites at Fort Worth and knocked out the satellite connection during the closing session of the Summit, resulting in an unfortunate abrupt ending which spoiled the viewing experience for attendees. 

Haivision: How has live streaming helped The Global Leadership Summit to reach a wider audience?

Shana: The Summit started out from the desire to provide leadership training to pastors locally, and, as attendance has grown, the goal has been to reach as wide an audience as possible while providing the best possible high-quality viewing experience. Not only has live streaming provided us with the redundancy and peace of mind of having a back-up solution, it also offers us a reliable, cost-efficient alternative to satellite for some of our primary feeds. By leveraging the internet, we’ve been able to extend our reach even further by providing greater access to viewers no matter where they are located – geography is simply no longer a limitation.

Haivision: What has been your experience been like working with Haivision?

Shana: We set out to find a new partner 4 years ago and we chose to work with Haivision because they really understood the vision and purpose behind the Summit. Since then, the Haivision team has become a true partner, that’s what we really appreciate. Our relationship goes beyond simply that of a traditional vendor and customer, it’s really about doing something together. Working with Haivision, we feel listened to, we feel cared for and we are provided with excellent quality products and services. It’s the complete package.

Haivision: Do you have plans to expand your use of video?

Shana: As of 2019 there are several ways to view the Summit via its broadcast which include; prisons, private view sites, (organizations which sign up for their employees to watch) Premier Host Sites (locations around the US) which are open to registrations and new streaming options this year designed for people who are unable to attend one of the Premier Host Site locations. Teams can now watch the entire event from the comfort and convenience of their own setting. We’re really excited to be able to get this valuable resource into even more people’s hands and strengthen its impact.

The Solution: 
With 4 KB video encoders on-site, the Summit production team provides Haivision with a direct feed for the Eastern and Central US time zones as well as a delayed feed for the Mountain and Pacific time zones. During the two day event, Haivision encoders stream to the various host sites as both a primary and back-up to satellite feeds. To support Hawaii and Alaska time zones, Haivision also manages on-demand video capture and distribution using a cloud-based service, Haivision Video Cloud, allowing Summit production staff to focus on content creation.  

To learn more about how the Global Leadership Network leverages Haivision video solutions, read the customer success story.

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