Silverdale Baptist Church Multi-Site Streaming

How Silverdale Baptist Uses Video to Bring their Congregation Together Across Campuses

Video streaming is a great way for a ministry to bring their campuses – and their congregation – closer together. Silverdale Baptist Church, founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has been using video streaming to bring their campuses closer together and to create an excellent worship experience for their parishioners. In this post, we will take a look at Silverdale Baptist Church’s video streaming journey, the challenges they have faced, and the results they are seeing today.


Silverdale Baptist Church was growing – the two weekly services they were consistently running at capacity served as proof. To help accommodate more parishioners, they began to use their student ministry building to host services as well. The team at Silverdale Baptist Church was thrilled that they were able to reach so many people with their message, but it did raise the question of where they were to fit all of the people who wanted to come to services.

This is when Silverdale Baptist Church decided to build additional campuses, closer to their congregants than their main campus. This meant that parishioners wouldn’t have to drive as far to service, and the additional locations meant that they could continue growing while being able to accommodate new members. Of course, this meant that they needed to find a means of sharing their message with their satellite campuses.

And so, Silverdale Baptist Church began their journey with video streaming.

A Running Start – Literally

Silverdale Baptist Church ran into some challenges with their initial video streaming service. The internet connection at one of their campuses was quite unreliable, which meant that the team had to find alternatives to ensure that sermons could be broadcast there. This included “Sneakernet” – physically running over copies of files to remote campuses to distribute their message.

Of course, Sneakernet was not an ideal solution. It was cumbersome, time-consuming, and would only become exponentially more difficult with any new campuses. And this put a strain on the technical team at Silverdale Baptist Church, who wanted to focus on creating a great worship experience for their congregation.

This is when they approached Haivision.

Bringing Campuses Together with Haivision Connect DVR

Silverdale Baptist Church is now using Haivision Connect DVR service in order to help better connect their campuses. Haivision Connect DVR has a few key advantages that the team at Silverdale Baptist Church enjoys, including time-shifted video playback, bandwidth efficiency, and a user-friendly interface. It is the bandwidth efficiency, in particular, that has ensured that the team at Silverdale Baptist Church can reliably send out video streams, regardless of internet speed fluctuations at their satellite campuses.

With the reliability of Haivision’s streaming solution, the team has been able to focus on creating an excellent worship experience for their congregation. And it has been showing results – Silverdale Baptist Church’s campuses are seeing steady increases in attendance. As a result, they are currently developing a new campus, and are planning for another additional campus within the next five years.

Want to learn how the team at Silverdale Baptist Church is using Haivision Connect DVR to share their message and grow their ministry? Take a look at our online case study, which includes a diagram of the video streaming workflow, and an exploration of how the team is making the best use of the tools available to them.

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