Faith organizations innovate with video

How Faith Organizations Innovate With Video Streaming Technology

Typically when we think of advanced users of today’s online video publishing and management platforms, broadcasters, Fortune 500, and media companies come to mind. But, it may surprise many that today’s houses of worship are also leading the charge when it comes to online video streaming technology.

Houses of worship are more invested in video streaming and web technologies than ever before. Their audiences are comfortable with the medium, and it’s a great way to reach people who may otherwise not be able to attend their service due to location and other factors. Furthermore, lifestyles have become hectic, and people are still looking to feel connected to their church, synagogue or other places of worship.

Many faith organizations, especially today’s non-denominational churches, are embracing technology to meet their followers wherever they are. And, in my opinion, the most interesting part is how they are doing so. Leveraging technologies to stream their message – live, simulated-live and on demand – to their congregations wherever they may be.

Faith streaming solutions

It starts with amazing HD cameras, great lighting, sophisticated switchers and production equipment and, most importantly, inspiring messages. But, there’s more to it than just that. You’ll need encoders to ingest the media from the cameras, so you can deliver it to internet connected audiences on all devices, plus any other campuses you may have. And you’ll want a platform to manage and publish all of your sermons, and then report on what’s going well and where you can improve. Since most religious organizations are non-profits, it’s expected that you’ll have volunteers handling a portion of the workflow, so ease of use has to be a top concern.

For video streaming, online and across locations, houses of worship today are looking for an integrated solution. One which can combine the ingest of media, manage the transcoding for different devices, stream live to other campuses and publish content for online viewers. Encoders, transcoders, live streaming, video content management systems and players are required to make it all work.

It’s impressive to see how today’s churches are on the cutting edge of video streaming. They are connecting multiple campuses, offering live streaming to internet connected users, making creating ‘video on demand’ programming a la Netflix, and making sure it’s available on any device/platform in HD (and even 4K) quality. They’re also savvy users of social media, and other online platforms. They require a video content management system which can easily publish their massive libraries of content across channels like YouTube, Facebook, and others with the proper description and tagging.

Video streaming for good

Using video streaming technology, houses of worship can grow their membership, increase engagement and inspire (or help) outside of the traditional confines of a physical church location. And video is helping members make a larger impact in their community, and in their lives.

While some might say that technology is making us less social and getting in the way of meaningful real-life interactions, it’s refreshing to see that technology is being harnessed to help grow people’s spiritual connections and, of course, helping benefit communities. Houses of worship also benefit from leveraging streaming technologies by growing their audience to people who they may not have been able to reach and keeping members who cannot attend inspired.

With analytics and insight into what resonates with members, organizations can be exposed to more detailed information about users’ engagement so that pastors and ministers can tailor their message to better inspire their congregations. With this positive feedback loop, it’s no wonder that houses of worship are rapidly adopting video streaming technology to impact and grow their message and their congregation.

Final thoughts

More and more organizations need to meet their members online. It’s incredible to see houses of worship getting ahead of the curve, using technology to keep their members engaged, spreading positive messages and building a digital community around faith. We’ve all experienced difficult times in our lives. Thanks to technology, and video, we can go to our pastors for inspiration, guidance, and spirituality whenever we need to feel connected to our faith.

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