Guide to Online Ministry - a Review of Faith Streaming

A Guide to Online Ministry: From the Basics of Faith Streaming to Advanced Tips

Our years working with our partners in online ministry have given us tremendous insight into the world of faith streaming. And much like our partners have shared their knowledge with us, we want to share our knowledge and experience, which is why we wrote A Guide to Online Ministry, a comprehensive review of the best practices for growing your ministry using streaming video.

You can download it for free, here.

A Guide to Online Ministry is an excellent resource for ministries just starting with faith streaming. It is also packed with helpful advice for ministries who have been streaming their services online for years – we cover a variety of topics, diving beyond the basics to ensure that your ministry gets the most out of your streaming experience.

Back to Basics

At the beginning of your journey with faith streaming? In A Guide to Online Ministry, we explain the basics of streaming video, including applications, OTT, and the differences between live and VOD. With the experience of our partners and expertise of our team, we include helpful tips on the important questions you should ask before you start.

We also list the steps to build your faith streaming solution – from choosing a streaming partner, to infrastructure considerations, to training your team.

A Guide for Growth

Already started with video streaming for your ministry? Our guide features interesting tips on how to leverage online tools to better share your message and grow your ministry. Do you know the difference between administrative and structural metadata? After reading A Guide to Online Ministry, you will understand how you can use both to target your audience.

We also explain how analytics can help you to learn more about your online audience. It’s easy to see the reaction of the congregation in front of you, both during the sermon, and in discussions after service, and with the right analytics, you can get the same insights about how your online congregation feels about your sermons.

A Deeper Dive

What has excited us the most about A Guide to Online Ministry is how comprehensive it is. Beyond getting started and growth strategies, we gathered lessons from years of faith streaming partnership, making this guide a valuable asset for even experienced faith streamers. We dive into some of the complexities of copyright law and the impact it has on online ministry, and review important considerations to help spread your message beyond your local area.

Want to see what else we cover in our white paper? Download A Guide to Online Ministry for free today.

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