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How Elevation Church is Using Video to Strengthen Their Worship Experience – And How You Can Too

Multisite ministry is the new megachurch; that much has become clear. And it makes sense. Multisite ministries have an even larger reach than most megachurches – they are not limited by geography or by the necessity for gigantic buildings. With the smaller campus sizes, parishioners also get the benefit of a more intimate worship experience within a close community.

However, having your campuses spread out can pose some logistical challenges. How can you know for a fact that each of your satellite campuses is living up to its potential? You can’t be at each one every week, not physically at least. Fortunately, with video streaming, you can bring your campuses together digitally.

A few weeks ago, we sat down with Nick Dooley, the IT Director for Elevation Church to talk about how they’re using streaming video to bring their campuses closer together, creating a unified worship experience across their locations.

About Elevation Church

Elevation Church was founded in 2006, by lead pastor Steven Furtick in Charlotte, North Carolina. Four years later, in 2010, they launched an online platform to share sermons and worship videos online.

Elevation Church has grown considerably over the years. Today, they have 18 campuses where they welcome approximately 30,000 parishioners total each week. And for each person attending one of their physical services, there are roughly 19 people watching online.

Managing Multisite and Online Ministry

With so many campuses, as well as a significant online following, it can be a challenge to manage logistics. Fortunately for the team at Elevation Church, their video streaming solution is tailored for a multisite ministry, allowing them to use video in a variety of innovative ways, including multisite monitoring.

At roughly 4:30 into the webinar, Haivision’s Phil Gauthier explains how Elevation Church uses a combination of KB video encoders, Makito X video encoders, Haivision Video Cloud, and Haivision Multi-Site Platform (Haivision’s Multi-Site Monitoring solution) to create a video streaming solution that allows them to share content and receive valuable feedback from each of their campuses – the kind of feedback that allows the team to develop their leadership, foster culture, and create a better worship experience for each member of their congregation.

Creating Digital Connections to Foster Spiritual Connections

As discussed in the webinar, ministerial culture is generally a combination of three main things: pastoral leadership, a common set of Biblical values, and maintaining similar worship environments.

Elevation Church has done a great job of creating a solid ministerial culture across their campuses using video streaming. In the webinar, Nick from Elevation Church dives into how the team at Elevation Church has been using the Haivision Multi-Site Platform to ensure that all of their campuses share in the same ministerial culture, even across great physical distances. By sharing streaming video messages from their main campus, the core messaging across all locations remains the same.

Nick explains how multisite monitoring has been “a great way to open a window into the world of what’s happening at these remote sites,” and that it has created some fantastic coaching opportunities, as well as the ability to ensure that each campus is both living up to its potential, and staying true to the heart of Elevation Church’s ministerial culture.

The team at Elevation Church also makes great use of analytics to help develop their ministry. Nick explains how they monitor their online engagement, partially as a way to help plan out possible locations for new campuses. This is a way for them to transform their digital connections into real-life communities, where online viewers can join a physical campus and enjoy their worship experience surrounded by peers.

Every ministry wants the best possible worship experience for their congregation. Learn how you can strengthen your ministry’s worship experience with streaming video by watching our webinar with Elevation Church.

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