How Elevation Church Uses Remote Production to Connect Between Campuses and Cities

A few months ago, we spoke with our friends from Elevation Church. IT Director Nick Dooley took us “Behind the Streams” to show us how they have been using video streaming to help them to connect with their congregation, with their community, and between their campuses.

One of the things that our Vice President of Product Marketing, Marcus Schioler, noticed was that Elevation Church’s online services often included content from multiple locations. Elevation Church receives live video streams from their multiple campuses across the United States as well as video from remote locations within the community, which are then incorporated into their live online services.

In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at how Elevation Church use remote contribution as part of their online services.

What is Remote Contribution?

Visit our video streaming glossary for an overview of remote contribution – also known as video contribution.

Reliable Remote Contribution for Ministry

The team at Elevation Church uses cameras connected to Makito X video encoders to send live video streams over the open source SRT protocol to Makito X video decoders at their production facility.

By using low latency video encoders and the adaptable SRT streaming protocol, Elevation Church ensures that their remote campuses can be a live part of online services – even if they’re miles away.

This is especially valuable, not only for their remote campuses, but for when they’re out in the community or at special events, like baptisms. (Over the last year, having people travel to their main campus for baptisms has been a challenge.)

During the webinar, Nick notes that they usually set the latency (delay) for these remote contributions at 250 milliseconds. However, they will adjust this depending on the quality of the internet connection, in order to account for the possibility of lost packets, or other challenges. This setup is made easier by the fact that this adjustment can be made even while the encoder is in the field – Nick and his team can simply reconfigure the connection from the video decoder at their main campus, which will renegotiate the latency. This ability to adapt gives Nick and his team the confidence to send live video streams from where they need to – not just the places with great internet connections.

Remote Monitoring for Better Teamwork

The team at Elevation Church is dedicated to creating a high-quality worship experience for their congregation. And an important part of that is to ensure that everyone who is a part of the service is on the same page – this is especially important when they’re in different buildings.

This means that those at remote campuses and locations need to be able to see what is happening live in the service. While it may be tempting to suggest simply following along with the live stream of the service online, the reality is that there is going to be a delay (to allow for production, among other things,) between what is being filmed at what you can see online.

In order to keep their teams connected, Elevation Church uses a remote monitoring workflow, with Haivision SRT Gateways and Haivision Play Pro. This allows their teams at remote locations to follow along with the service live, and more importantly, ensure that they are ready to contribute and participate.

Creating a Connected Worship Experience

The team at Elevation Church are dedicated to fostering a welcoming environment in their ministry and connecting with the congregation in spite of distance. By using Haivision’s tools for ministry, Nick and his team can create a high-quality worship experience for their congregation and help their worship team share their message.

“We want to produce something that’s high quality, and the team is really committed to that. And these tools give us the opportunity to put people in the best position to present what they’re trying to present.” – Nick Dooley, Elevation Church

The team at Elevation Church is using Haivision’s tools for ministry for more than remote production. Watch the recording of our Behind the Streams webinar to learn how they are using video streaming for their online ministry and for coaching between campuses.

Behind the Streams with Elevation Church

Watch the full webinar to learn how the team at Elevation Church is using faith streaming to grow their ministry over multiple campuses, create compelling content, and stay connected with their congregation.

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