How Haivision Connect is Making Live Streaming for Churches Easier Than Ever Before

Customer Success: How Haivision Connect is Making Live Streaming for Churches Easier Than Ever Before

Since the launch of Haivision Connect, our live streaming platform for churches and ministries, many of our customers are already reaping the benefits it has to offer. In today’s post, we’re sharing what our customers have to say about the features that churches love most, and why, in their own words.

Haivision Connect CustomersGet Up and Running Fast

With fast and smooth navigation that makes it easy to get to where you need, setting up, scheduling, and managing streams is a breeze with Haivision Connect.

“With Haivision Connect I can schedule a live stream within a matter of seconds and the UI is so easy and simple that first-time volunteers can be trained quickly and easily. Haivision Connect gives us amazing flexibility, the UI is incredibly simple, it’s easy to manage, and what we love is that we never have to compromise on the quality or integrity of our streams. It’s really impressive.”
Jonathan Garcia, Technical Production Manager, King Jesus Ministry.

Reliably Stream Live and Simulated Live

Known for the rock-solid reliability and quality of its solutions, Haivision Connect offers customers peace of mind, allowing users to stream with complete confidence every time. Whether it’s live streaming simultaneously to multiple platforms such as social media accounts and web players, or a simulated live stream from an existing recording, Haivision Connect does the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on inspiring your audience.

“Streaming our services to those who can’t attend is extremely important to us as it allows us to continue to unite and share the positive message of faith with our ever-expanding online community. The Haivision Connect live and simulated-live streaming platform enables us to reach and engage our viewers with ease and complete confidence every time.”
Joe Hayes, Media Director, Redemption Church.

Ready to take live streaming to the next level?

Haivision Connect allows you to stream live video, share your message, and reach your audiences online wherever they are watching.

Save Time and Money

“Haivision Connect saves us time and helps us reduce the number of systems we use because we can stream to multiple destinations simultaneously. It also means we no longer have to buy expensive bandwidth, making it a great option for smaller churches with tighter budgets or unreliable internet connections.”
Robert Cuyar, IT Director, Redemption Church.

Volunteer Friendly

We designed Haivison Connect so that anyone can use it, no technical expertise required! It’s unique in providing the tools needed to easily live stream and monitor your services, manage devices, and measure video performance – all from a single browser or tablet window.

“Haivision Connect makes everything so much easier. I love how Connect workflows are made up of simple, customizable building blocks. It helps us eliminate a lot of errors, makes it much easier for volunteers to understand and use, and best of all, I can completely trust that everything will work as it’s supposed to.”
Matt Jones, Audio and Production Manager, Hill Country Bible Church.

Metrics that Matter

Haivision Connect offers the most advanced video analytics available to help users better understand their audiences and puts valuable insights at your fingertips so you can get real-time answers to your pressing questions on platform performance and audience behaviors. Not only can you track audience participation, view duration and platform data, the Connect player can also capture a viewer’s geo-location, right down to their IP address, city, state, country, or postal code. With this kind of information in hand, ministries can make informed decisions around church planting and new campus locations based on real-time engagement with their online viewers.

“We love using Haivision Connect! There are so many great features, and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it. Analytics are easy, and with one simple click, you can see the key viewing statistics that pastors want to know about.”
Joshua Hays, Network and Audio-Visual Support Specialist, First Presbyterian Church Colorado Springs.

Made for Ministry

Haivision Connect works by understanding your organization: the people, the services, the campuses, and the content. Once this information has been set up, these foundational elements can be used as building blocks to accelerate workflows and simplify sharing content.

“I love the look and the many features that help make it easy to schedule and launch to multiple platforms with just a few clicks. I also love having all the demographics of our audience so easily accessible. I love most that Haivision has considered their clients’ needs and implemented features that make live streaming a breeze for any skill level.”
Roxane Griner, Communications Director, Grace City Church.

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