Haivision Connect DVR Update for Multi-Site Ministries

What the Latest Haivision Connect DVR Update Means for Your Multi-Site Ministry

Version 4.5 of Haivision Connect DVR, our cloud-based service for connecting multi-site ministries with time-shifted video playback, was recently released. The latest release has some very exciting updates for the ministries who use this software to help spread their message. 

We recently sat down with our Director of Product Strategy, Daniel Alexander, to learn more about what’s new in version 4.5. We discussed how and why these features were implemented, and how ministries could leverage these new tools to connect with their congregations and enjoy an even smoother video streaming experience. 

Closed Caption Support

Possibly the new feature that has generated the most excitement, Haivision Connect DVR 4.5 now supports captions. Video playback can now be configured to support subtitle tracks that are displayed as closed caption text during playback.

What this means is that you can easily add caption tracks to your online videos, opening up a world of accessibility. It will now be easier than ever for your ministry to share your message to your online congregation, regardless of audio difficulties or hearing impairments. For ministries with a more multilingual reach, you can also prepare captions in advance to help overcome language barriers.

Remote Assistance

Regardless of how well we prepare, there are simply days when things don’t go exactly to plan. On those days, Haivision’s support team is there to help guide you to ensure that your streaming is back up and running as soon as possible. Now, with remote assistance, our support team is able to access your device directly.

Remote assistance means that our support team has the access tools for better diagnostics, remote control, and management, allowing them to find and solve problems even quicker than before. This access also helps to eliminate stress for users, as they can step back from the challenge, and allow the experts from the support team to handle the situation.

Local Control

We enjoy hearing feedback on our streaming solutions, both positive and constructive. One of the most popular requests for our update to Connect DVR, was local control. 

What is local control? In essence, it means that Connect DVR SDI units that are under active service agreements no longer need to be connected to an external PC for ministries to set up video playback. Users can simply connect their Connect DVR appliance to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard, and they will be able to directly access the console and web user interface.

Not only does this make setting up video playback easier for users, local control will also help to save ministries precious resources, as they will need fewer computers for their day to day operations.

There are, of course, other updates within Connect DVR 4.5, including channel import/export, enhanced DNS, as well as the usual bug fixes and enhancements. If you would like to learn more about these updates, or are ready to upgrade to Connect DVR 4.5, please reach out to us today!

You can also visit the Connect DVR page to learn more about how our video streaming solutions can help your ministry’s team to share your message.

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