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Beyond Streaming: How Elevation Church Uses Video to Improve its Worship Experience

Many multi-site ministries have already fully embraced the power of video to stream their message to multiple campuses. As a church extends its reach across multiple locations and its congregation expands, video is a highly effective tool to transcend distance and engage and connect audiences.

But what if you could do even more with video to improve the quality of your worship experience and the health of your ministry?

Elevation Church shared how it’s getting the most out of its multi-site video solution in our  webinar, “Using Video to Strengthen the Quality of Your Worship Experience.” Watch the webinar to hear firsthand from Elevation Church’s IT Director, Nick Dooley, about how his team is using video in innovative ways that go beyond conventional streaming.

Here’s a simple question: what does your church provide that’s hard to find elsewhere? What makes it unique and keeps bringing people back for more? In the case of most churches, it’s not just one single element, rather a sense of culture and community. So how can you nurture that sense of being a true community and foster a feeling of connection and belonging across all locations using video? Here are three ways that Elevation Church uses video to achieve this.

Nurture and Develop Leaders

As your church grows, nurturing and developing a team of strong leaders is essential for building a thriving and vibrant ministry. Video is an invaluable tool to help grow and coach your leaders. It provides an opportunity to review worship experiences and their impact, message delivery and audience reaction and provide feedback to worship pastors and campus leadership to help improve their hosting skills. Creative use of video observation tools can provide a clearer insight into what your church is doing well and what needs improving, by providing actionable intelligence which will help inform your strategy moving forward.

Foster a Deeper Sense of Belonging

With 18 campuses and counting, Elevation Church uses a multi-site video solution that allows leaders to view live return feeds from all of its locations, anywhere, from any device. This provides leaders with a unique view into campus life beyond their own location, helping them to feel a part of something bigger. The experience helps to create a deeper sense of belonging and encourages connection and collaboration among leaders that strengthen their church community and culture.

Improve the Quality of Church Broadcasts

For churches that want to create and maintain a quality worship experience, being able to quickly make changes or fix issues around staging, lighting or transitions, for example, is critical. Using high-performance video recording tools, production staff can easily monitor for any problems in real-time and correct them on the fly to ensure the best possible quality worship experience for its audience.

Want to learn  how your church can get more out of video and gain unique insights into campus life and the impact of your message? Haivision recently hosted a webinar with Elevation Church, discussing how they have used video to improve their worship experience. Watch the recording online.

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