Holiday Stream Checklist for Ministries

A Checklist for Your Ministry’s Holiday Streams

It’s November, and with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the way, many ministries are starting to plan their holiday services. And for those ministries streaming their services, it is also time to start planning out their holiday streams. In our last blog post, we reviewed the considerations your ministry should think about when planning for your holiday streams. In this blog post, we will be taking you through a brief checklist of the elements you will need to successfully stream your holiday services.

Let us go through some of the major things you need on your checklist.

Lights, Camera, Action!

One of the first things that you and your team will want to ensure is that you have the right equipment for streaming your holiday services. If your ministry regularly streams your services, it may seem an easy thing to check off the list, but are you taking into account any extras for your holiday services?

Do you have the cameras to cover the different angles for a nativity play, or the right microphones to adequately share the sound of a special choir performance for the holidays? And of course, once your tick off those, you need to account for how many encoders, lights, and cables, you may need.


1. Coordinate with your pastor to determine what kind of services you will be streaming throughout the holiday season
2. Establish what equipment will be needed for each service (lights, microphones, cameras, video encoders, video decoders, cables, extension cords, etc.)
3. Take an inventory of your current equipment and establish if you need to rent or purchase additional equipment in time for the holidays.

Streaming Options

How are you planning on using streaming to share your ministry’s services this holiday season? Are you streaming to your other campuses, or sharing them online? And in either case, will you be sharing these services live, with on-demand video, or sim-live?

From your encoders and decoders, to your content distribution network, make sure that you have your streaming solution properly set up for your holiday services, or book yourself the time to do so.

Now that you can stream your holiday services, make sure that you are allowed to stream them. Are you using any copyrighted material? If you are, you’ll want to make sure you have a license before you broadcast your service online.


1. Determine if your holiday services will be streamed online or as part of a multi-site offering.
2. Decide if these streams will be live, sim-live, or on-demand.
3. Using this information, make sure your team has allocated enough time for these services, especially if you anticipate them to run longer, or if you are adding a new aspect (musical performance, nativity reenactment) to your streaming offering for your holiday services.
4. Verify that none of your content requires licenses, or if it does, purchase the necessary licenses.

Volunteers and Staff

It’s arguably the most important thing on a holiday checklist, but often becomes a second thought. For all of your equipment and streaming solutions, you won’t be able to create an amazing worship experience this season without the help of an amazing team: this includes both staff and volunteers.

Once you have your equipment lists compiled, you should write a list of all the volunteers and staff you will need for each of your holiday services, and then reach out to your team to make sure you have enough people available. It’s a busy time of year for everyone, so reaching out well ahead of time, will not only help people plan in advance, but will also give you time to train additional team members in case you’re in need.


1. Make a list of all the personnel, and which skill sets, you need for your holiday services.
2. Send a communication to all of your staff and volunteers to determine availabilities and scheduling.
3. Prepare a training plan for any volunteers or staff who may need to take on a new role.

Getting Yourself Ready for Your Holiday Streams

I’m not sure about you, but when I’m feeling overwhelmed by a project, there are two things I like to do. The first is to make a list of the tasks I need to accomplish to complete the project. We have started that list for you, in the sections above.

The second is to make sure I have a reference to turn to as I go along in my project, a general overview of the subject that helps to answer any quick questions I may have. For your ministry’s streams, I would highly recommend the Guide to Online Ministry. Download it today!

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