5 Video Tools for Building a 21st Century Church

It’s no surprise that video technology is becoming ubiquitous in our work and personal lives. We’ve seen a rise in the use of video streaming in many industries, including most places of worship.

How do faith organizations benefit from something like that? Building a video ecosystem doesn’t just get your message out there. With the right tools, ministries can build a cohesive delivery system to easily distribute content, promote rapid growth and improve their audience’s engagement and involvement in their church.

So, what should you consider when building your video ecosystem? Let’s dive into five tools that churches can use to stay innovative and keep their ever-changing audiences engaged.

Tool 1: Online Streaming

It’s no surprise that today’s generation is more mobile and continuously on the move. Taking your ministry online can help members stay connected at all times, even when they’re on the go. Not to mention you can reach new people anywhere in the world.

Contrary to what you may think, streaming your worship events online can actually increase your physical attendance. Welcoming new people online allows them to experience your church and get a feel for your culture. Here is what Kim John from the Celebration Church had to say on the matter in a webinar that he did with us:

Our live stream is our front door so it is important we offer the best viewing, every time. Haivision solutions help us deliver an engaging worship experience across our ministry – online, at our main location and to our international campuses.

– Kim John, Web Specialist – Celebration Church

Not only are you now growing your audience both online and physically, but through video analytics, you can also find your next campus location!

Tool 2: Multi-Campus Delivery

Now that your church is growing online, how do you present your ministry in a way that attracts people to attend one of your campuses?

If you build an effective online strategy, your in-person attendance will grow quickly. For ministries, this typically happens in the form of a new campus or satellite location. So as your organization expands to multi-site, you’ll need tools to carry those experiences across multiple campuses.

Tool 3: Multi-Site Monitoring

Now that you’ve established some new campuses, you’ll need to maintain your church culture and worship experiences across each location.

With a cohesive video system – you can aggregate video content from each campus back to a single point to manage, review and then discuss how best to tune the experiences to ensure consistent attendance and growth.

Tool 4: Interactive Video

We typically see this video workflow with major broadcasters and sports organizations. Bi-directional video gives you an easier way to communicate between your main campus and remote locations.

Tool 5: Digital Signage

With all of your new locations, you’ll want to ensure you deliver dynamic church experiences by communicating ministry culture, delivering inspirational messages, and featuring upcoming events on displays across every location.

Digital signage gives you an easy way to show your congregation the messages they need to see to stay involved in your ministry and the community.

As you can see, video is a powerful tool!

By building a video ecosystem, your ministry can continue growing its congregation and global reach with engaging worship experiences. Easily and quickly communicate and share your message to your online ministry, website, social media, and any connected device all from within one account or console. And, assess the effectiveness of your worship sets in order to provide the most impactful sermon and ensure members truly feel part of their ministry.

Our services are where we come together. The reliability and high-quality of Haivision’s video solutions ensures our members can join and enjoy the same experience regardless of their location.

– Gabriel SotoIT Director – Celebration Church


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