Haivision Play Set-Top Box 4000 4K UHD

Haivision Play Set-Top Box 4000: All Set for 4K

4K UHD video is gaining in popularity with consumers, broadcasters, and enterprises. The huge uptake in sales of 4K UHD television screens serves as strong evidence for increasing consumer demand for 4K video content. Companies, public services, and other types of organizations are also including 4K UHD screens for digital signage, group viewing of all-hands webcasts, internal IPTV services, and other live video events. The new Haivision Play Set-Top Box 4000 represents yet another milestone along the road to the widespread adoption of 4K UHD video.

Continuing the Broadcast Shift to 4K

Over 150 broadcasters are now offering 4K UHD services while hundreds more are planning to introduce 4K content within their broadcast workflows. Haivision’s newest addition to its Play series of Set-Top Boxes, the Haivision Play Set-Top Box 4000, is a great, cost-effective solution for monitoring live 4K and HD content encoded in HEVC or H.264. Depending on the broadcast application, it can access a unicast or multicast stream with SRT, HLS, or UDP streaming protocols.

Enterprise Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

The Play Set-Top Box 4000 is further enabling corporate adoption of 4K displays. Individual and groups of Play Set-Top Boxes can be centrally managed via the Haivision Media Platform (HMP) and provide an excellent option for high-quality group viewing of live enterprise video content or IPTV channels in common areas such as reception areas, meeting rooms, or open office spaces.

Keeping Streams Secure and Reliable with SRT

Not only can the Haivision Play Set-Top Box 4000 decode 4K UHD video encoded in HEVC, but it can also view SRT streams. The SRT video streaming protocol, pioneered by Haivision, helps ensure that all video content is reliably delivered to Play Set-Top Boxes, even across unmanaged IP networks, such as the internet. Valuable live content is kept secure with SRT’s built-in support for AES 128/256 encryption.

Though it may not grab the same attention as some of the exciting new large format OLED displays, the Haivision Play Set-Top Box 4000, with its ability to decode SRT streams, represents a significant step towards widespread adoption of 4K UHD by broadcasters and enterprise users.

Are you ready to join the shift towards 4K? Learn more about the Haivision Play Set-Top Box 4000 by downloading our free datasheet.

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