Secure Reliable Transport (SRT)

Pioneered by Haivision, the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol is an open-source streaming technology designed for transmitting high-quality video at low latency over unpredictable networks, including the public internet.

SRT securely and reliably streams video content at low latency with AES encryption and packet loss recovery. SRT can also dynamically adjust video bitrates based on network conditions to optimize transmission quality without interruptions. Its wide industry adoption allows broadcasters, content creators, and live event producers to efficiently transport video feeds across various networks and workflows.  

Designed for real-time video applications requiring sub-second latency, the SRT protocol is ideally suited to remote production, video contribution, and cloud production. 

Since becoming open source in 2017, SRT has been quickly adopted by the broadcast industry as the de facto standard for low latency video transport. The SRT Alliance, a global community made of industry leaders and developers supporting the collaborative development of SRT, now has over 650 members including Microsoft, YouTube, Sony, AWS, and Google Cloud.