January 22, 2024


DataBridge A feature available with the Haivision Pro and Air video transmitters as well the Haivision StreamHub receiver, DataBridge offers high-speed mobile internet connectivity from anywhere. DataBridge allows broadcast engineers and producers to remotely control any IP-based equipment including PTZ cameras and tally lights. It can turn a mobile transmitter into a Wi-Fi router to provide internet access when a [...]

August 17, 2018

Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)

Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Digital Video Broadcasting is a common standard for digital television and video used in many parts of the world. DVB standards include DVB-T for terrestrial television, DVB-C for cable television, and DVB-S for satellite television. DVB was born in Europe in the early 1990s when a group of broadcasters, consumer equipment manufacturers, and regulatory bodies formed [...]