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Opening Your Ministry’s Doors Online with Social Media

As the first half of 2020 is drawing to a close, it’s pretty safe to say that things have been a little different this year. Broadcasters are changing how they’re hosting shows, schools have changed how they celebrate their graduates, and ministries have had to change how they spread their message.  

Online ministry is not an exclusively new development to 2020, but it certainly has seen a dramatic rise in popularity, both for ministries and their congregations. And while the future may be hard to predict, it is safe to say that online ministry will be around for the foreseeable future, as ministries continue to open their doors online, and welcome their congregation. 

If faith streaming is a tool that ministries will be using for the foreseeable future, how can we ensure that we’re creating the best possible experience for your congregation? As ministries were forced to close their physical doors, several turned to social media to share their services. This can be a decent starting point – all you need is a phone, an internet connection, and an account on your social media platform of choice. However, much like giving a service in a parking lot, relying solely on social media to share your worship experience is at best a temporary measure, as it presents some very serious challenges.  

In this post, we will take a quick look at some of the key elements of online ministry, and why streaming your services on your own website can better open your ministry’s doors for your congregation online. 


Social media is accessible for everyone – isn’t it? From an accessibility standpoint, ministries have encountered several issues with social media. Certain platforms require viewers to have their own social media account to access your content – this is problematic for those who don’t have an account (nor wish to have one).  

There is also the inverse issue of how easily members of the public can stumble across your live services. While being able to share your message with a broader audience is an exciting opportunity, it can also open your comments section to being taken over by the “trolls” of the internet – those who simply tune into your live stream to ruin the experience for others. Moderating these comments can very quickly become an overwhelming task. 

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Creating Real Connections

A criticism that is often lobbed at social media is that it simply isn’t very social much of the time. For your congregation, engaging with a live streaming video can be a very one-sided experience, in leaving a “like” or a comment. Even with active moderators within the comment section of your streaming video, it can be hard to take any conversation to a deeper level.  

However, ministries that host their live streams on their own websites are able to use a combination of live commenting features, active moderators, and analytics, to help their congregation forge deeper connections. Fellowship is an important part of worship for many ministries – and the right tools can still help you to foster that fellowship online.  


Nothing will quite take your congregation out of a service quite like a sudden drop in quality, or the loss of synchronization between your audio and your video. Unfortunately, when using a third party to share your services, like a social media platform, there are many things that are no longer in your control. Not only will a good faith streaming solution be reliable and steadfast – it will also have support no further than a phone call away. By using a reliable video streaming solution, your ministry’s team can focus on your message, and connecting with your congregation, as opposed to spending your Sundays fretting over stream quality.  

Social Media is a Valuable Tool

Use social media to cast your net, and bring your new followers back to the safe haven of your website. Photos and shorter videos perform much better on social platforms than longer content. You can use clips from recorded sermons, featuring some of your highlights, and include a link back to your website, with the full stream available.  

Are you ready to truly open your ministry’s doors online? Take a look at our solutions for faith streaming – our team would be thrilled to help you find the right tools to help your ministry share your message.  

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