Ministries Fostering Culture with Video

How Video Can Help You Coach Your Team and Develop Your Ministry’s Culture

If your church has several locations, you might be wondering how to ensure each campus maintains the same culture and level of excellence you expect at the main campus. Sure, you could try to send staff from the main campus to visit each location every week, but that can become costly and time-consuming fairly quickly. A great alternative is to use video streaming technology that can get you there virtually and give you the ability to watch the services anytime

A multi-campus video platform can help you view worship services from each campus, in real-time or via recorded on-demand video. Through a video management portal at your main campus, you can watch all aspects of each service.

Why Should Your Church Use Video for Coaching?

With the continued growth of churches with several campuses, it can be challenging to maintain the culture and continuity of the central location. Using video can help your church leadership team in three key areas: to develop insight, to strengthen culture, and to improve training.

Develop insight to improve the worship experience

Cultivating the next generation of leaders involves mentoring and providing tips on how to improve. With video, the worship leader at the main campus can review the worship service from each location. From there, he can talk with the team about what they did well and how they can grow as worship leaders.

Other leaders from the main campus can do likewise with their respective teams – providing feedback a day or two after that weekend service and helping their teams improve for the upcoming service.

Strengthen culture across locations

As your church adds campuses, the chances of your central culture becoming watered down increase exponentially. Using video feeds from your different locations can help the team at your main campus reinforce the core cultural concepts to maintain with each campus leadership team.

Improve training for staff and volunteers

It’s one thing to tell someone how you want a service to look and feel like. It’s quite another if you can show them. You can take a recorded service and use it to show staff and volunteers what you mean when you say you want a particular part of the service to run a certain way.

How You Can Start Using Video for Ministry Development Across Multiple Campuses

You’ll need a few key pieces of equipment to make this kind of video setup successful for your church. That starts with a video encoder to transmit the video feed from each campus to the main location. From there, you’ll need a video management system to access videos. To enable coaching and development, Haivision provides a video service for ministry partners called Haivision Multi-Campus Coaching – powered by the Haivision Media Platform – which provides the tools needed for church executives and leaders to watch and review worship services live or recorded from anywhere, including desktop computers, televisions, or even on mobile devices.

There are a few advantages of using a professional video service that has been designed for ministry, the main one being ease of use in some of the more technical aspects. Solution providers that understand the challenges of ministries can also provide training and ongoing support for staff.

The experience of Church of the Highlands is an excellent example of how video can be a helpful coaching tool for your church and support your continued growth. They use Haivision’s Multi-Campus Coaching service to coach their campus pastors, worship leaders, and provide training to their ministry school students. You can learn more about their experience here.

Want to learn more about how a video solution created for ministry can help improve your church culture? We recently hosted a webinar with Elevation Church, exploring how the success they’ve had with video streaming. You can watch the recording online.

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