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10 Essential Resources to Help Your Church Get Started with Video Streaming

Are you looking to deepen your knowledge and gain practical insights on video streaming your ministry’s services? At Haivision, we regularly write about how using video streaming technology helps houses of worship inspire, engage, and help their congregants beyond the traditional confines of a physical church location. We share how the churches we work with are successfully using video technology to keep their members engaged, spread positive messages, and build a digital community around faith.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 10 useful resources, including blog posts, guides, and webinars, packed full of expert tips and advice to help you get started.

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 1.  7 Simple Steps to Help Your Small Church Start Streaming

We provide recommendations on the essentials, from bandwidth and lighting to cameras and video encoders to help you provide a basic, yet high-quality, streaming video experience for your online congregation. Read more.

2.  Church Live Streaming Equipment Guide

Confused about what equipment you really need to stream? In this blog, we build out a live streaming workflow on a budget using the bare minimum required: video input, audio input, encoding and internet bandwidth. Read more.

3. The Volunteer’s Guide to Video Streaming for Your Church

In this 5-part blog post series, we walk you through the basic concepts of video streaming and cover the terminology you need to understand. Read and you’ll learn more about on-demand video, connecting multi-site churches with video as well as bi-directional interviews and digital signage. Read more.

4. What Ministries Should Consider When Choosing Video Streaming Software

From how you plan to stream video content, to the budget, bandwidth, staff and volunteers you have available, this blog post outlines key considerations for every ministry to evaluate before choosing a video streaming solution. Read more.

5. Simulated Live Worship Experience

Discover more about simulated or Sim-Live video and how ministries are benefiting from this tool. We share some best practices on how to properly manage your simulated live experience for maximum impact. Read more.

6. Copyright Issues to Keep in Mind When Live Streaming from Your Ministry

Streaming over social networks might be free, but it’s important to keep in mind potential issues with copyright and other restrictions. Learn more about what constitutes a copyright violation and how to plan your services effectively to avoid any pitfalls. Read more.

7. A Guide to Online Ministry

A comprehensive guide designed for those who are thinking about bringing their message online, as well as for those who have been streaming for years. It includes an overview of the basics of online ministry as well as expert tips to improve the experience for both your congregation and your team. Download the guide.

8. Simple Live Posting: Creating Instant Video Clips During Your Ministry’s Services

Does your ministry want to reach more people through social media? Learn how your team can easily share clips from your ministry’s service in near real-time, using Haivision’s tools for online ministry. Read more.

9. Building Your Ministry With Online Video

Watch this webinar to understand how video can engage current and new members to not only tune in online but come to physical church services on Sundays for community interaction and to hear the message.

10. Using Video to Strengthen Your Worship Experience

Finally, watch this Q&A webinar to learn firsthand from Elevation Church how they are leading the way with their innovative use of multisite video solutions to coach and develop leaders and gain unique insights into campus life. Watch the webinar.

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