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7 Ways Haivision Powered Broadcast Customers in 2021

This past year has been another challenging one for broadcasters as the pandemic continued to cause headaches for live event production due to strict travel restrictions and social distancing. Thankfully, the industry has been able to find new ways to work remotely and solution providers like Haivision have provided the tools for broadcasters to be agile and efficient during these difficult times.

This post looks back at how broadcasters leveraged Haivision solutions for innovative workflows as they continued to work through the new normal of remote contribution and production.

Remote Production and the Future of Live Events with NOMOBO

Broadcast company NOMOBO specializes in live events with a focus on having staff and talent on location to bring event broadcasts to life. Unfortunately during the pandemic, travel restrictions made on-premises production difficult but NOMOBO was able to successfully transition to digital events and remote production with the right combination of solutions from Haivision.  

Using Makito X4 video encoders and decoders for broadcast-quality, low latency contribution, along with Haivision Hub enabling global reach for remote production workflows has helped NOMOBO thrive during a difficult time. For more on how NOMOBO successfully produced live events for clients during the pandemic, read the full story.  

Remote Video Contribution with TV2GO

Remote production is not a new concept in live television broadcasts. When it comes to live events, some venues don’t have permanent equipment on-site and broadcasters will rely on companies like TV2GO for their video transmission needs.  

TV2GO offers live video transmission solutions over satellite, bonded cellular, broadcast fiber, and more. While each of these methods can get the job done, they also have their disadvantages including high costs. For TV2GO to address some of these challenges as the need for remote video contribution workflows increased this past year, it turned to the SRT low latency video transport protocol. To read more about how SRT is helping TV2GO, click here.  

Video Streaming and Live TV with Game Creek

Game Creek Video serves some of the world’s largest television networks and news organizations with mobile production solutions. As the global pandemic continued, broadcasters and all major sporting leagues slowly started to plan on how to safely stage and broadcast live events with partners like Game Creek.

This past year, Game Creek proved its ability to be flexible as broadcast needs changed and the demand for remote production over IP workflows grew. With production staff and on-air talent unable to be present at live events, Game Creek leveraged Haivision products like Haivision Makito encoders and decoders, Haivision SRT Gateway, the Haivision Play Pro app, and SRT for a complete broadcast production workflow that kept everyone safely apart. For more on Game Creek, click here for the whole story.  

Custom Remote Production with Eurovision Sport

Eurovision Sport connects broadcasters with rights holders, sports federations, and tech partners to present sporting content to fans. The 2021 European Aquatics Championships took place this past May in Budapest, Hungary and Eurovision Sport, operated by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), was tasked with producing the event. 

This past year’s edition was produced remotely using Haivision Makito X4 encoders, Haivision Hub, and SRT to produce remote coverage of the event and send video from the venue to national broadcasters over the cloud. Each national broadcaster could then produce their own custom programming including athlete interviews and highlights of the event. To read the entire feature, click here.  

Aerial Cinematography with Team5 Aerial

This year, we spoke with the talented team at Team5 Aerial about how they are leveraging Haivision solutions for their clients in the entertainment industry. Team5 Aerial is a specialized equipment rental company based in Burbank, California who work on big budget Hollywood productions.  

Aerial Director of Photography, Dylan Goss revealed that one of the challenges his team faces is providing directors and producers on the ground with the same view as the camera being used in the air during aerial shots. Team5 found a reliable solution by pairing a Makito X1 Rugged video encoder with a Makito X4 video decoder to send high-quality low latency video to those that need to see it. For more details on how Team5 Aerial is using Haivision solutions, click here.  

Post Production with Low Latency and alter ego

Post-production studio alter ego specializes in motion graphics, color grading, and VFX and like many companies in the media and entertainment industry, had to make big changes to their workflows during the pandemic. alter ego was faced with overcoming the challenge of getting footage in front of clients for review without them being on-site due to pandemic restrictions.  

After an extensive search for the right solution, alter ego found exactly what they needed with the Haivision Makito X4 video encoder. Combined with the SRT streaming protocol to send high-quality, low latency video, alter ego has been able to get content to its clients in a way that recreates stakeholders being on-site for video review. To learn more on alter ego’s workflows, click here.  

Powering Simulcast with SNY

SNY, SportsNet New York, is an award-winning multi-platform sports network that serves millions of homes across the country with New York-related sports content. SNY has been using Haivision products like Makito X4 video encoders and decoders, SRT Gateway, and Haivision Play 2000 set-top boxes for the past two years for various applications.  

This year, we spoke with Alex Blanding, the Vice President of Engineering and Technology at SNY, about the challenges of simulcasting their partner WFAN’s popular Caron & Roberts radio program to television. To learn how SNY uses Haivision solutions for synchronized video over IP, read the full feature here.

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Live Webinar: Technology Update
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10am ET | 4pm CET
Discover the Latest in Live Video Contribution Over Any Network