SRT Tuesday Webinar: Learn How Together, Avid, Haivision and SRT, Enable IP Contribution in Production Environments

On Tuesday, May 4th, Havision will join Avid for the SRT Alliance series of SRT Tuesday webinars. The panelists will discuss how a combined offering of Avid technology, the SRT transport protocol, and Haivision solutions enables IP contribution in Avid editorial production environments on premise or in the cloud.

SRT Alliance advisory member, Avid, is well known in the industry for its editing and collaboration technology for creating, managing, and distributing video and audio content for media, news, and sports organizations. Avid’s MediaCentral | Stream looks to build on the company’s strategy to simplify on-premise and cloud-based production workflows and provide unparalleled openness for broadcasters and content providers.    

In January, Avid and Haivision announced a partnership that provides users with a complete solution for live IP video ingest and editing through Avid’s products, the SRT protocol, and Haivision’s edge devices. 

So, what can you expect from the SRT Alliance SRT Tuesday webinar with Avid and Haivision? Keep reading to find out!

Why Should You Attend?

As revealed in Haivision’s Broadcast IP Transformation Report 2021, the global pandemic shifted the way broadcasters operate and accelerated the industry’s transition to IP. This SRT Tuesday webinar will explore the benefits of an efficient IP contribution workflow including reduced costs, the ability to cover more events, and faster time to air. Together, Haivision and Avid are helping broadcasters simply their workflow and open up new revenue opportunities.

You’ll also learn how Avid’s solutions, like MediaCentral | Stream, work with Haivision’s Makito X4 series of video encoders and decoders, and the open source SRT video transport protocol to create low latency, reliable, and secure IP contribution workflows that help get content to air faster than ever.

How Can We Help?

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Who Will Be Speaking?

Raymond Thompson, Senior Director of Partner and Industry Marketing at Avid and Marcus Schioler, VP of Product Marketing at Haivision, will join Suso Carrillo, Director of the SRT Alliance, on May 4th for the SRT Tuesday webinar.

How Do You Sign Up?

Register on or click below and if you are unable to attend live, you will still receive a link to the VOD once it becomes available. Make sure to register and join us on Tuesday, May 4th at 8AM EST | 3PM CET as Haivision joins Avid for the SRT Alliance’s SRT Tuesday webinar on IP contribution in production environments!

Watch the SRT Tuesday Webinar with Avid and Haivision

Watch the SRT Tuesday webinar with guests from Avid and Haivision.

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