SRT Alliance Surpasses 600 Members and Welcomes Paramount, Cloudflare,, Chyron, JW Player, THEO Technologies, and EVS

SRT, originally developed and open sourced by Haivision, celebrates six years of adoption as one of the most relied upon video protocols throughout the broadcast and streaming industries

Montreal, Canada – March 9, 2023 –  Haivision (TSX: HAI), a leading global provider of mission-critical, real-time video networking and visual collaboration solutions, today announced that the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol has garnered near-universal support within the broadcast and streaming industries, with over 600 solution and service providers joining the SRT Alliance within six years.

The latest members of the SRT Alliance include Paramount, Cloudflare,, Chyron, JW Player, THEO Technologies, EVS, BuyDRM, Blackbird, Backlight, and Barco. 

Haivision originally developed SRT in 2013 to enable low latency video connectivity over the public internet between its products, specifically the Makito low latency series of video encoders and decoders. In April 2017, Haivision made the SRT protocol and supporting technology stack open source and freely available, and formed the SRT Alliance to support its adoption. During the past six years, almost every major streaming service, cloud platform, and broadcast solution provider has supported and adopted SRT. The video streaming protocol is now used across every element in broadcast and streaming workflows to provide low-latency, secure video transport. 

“SRT continues to influence the way that the world is streaming video,” said Pablo Hesse, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Haivision. “Now 600 vendors strong, the SRT Alliance continues to champion the adoption of SRT as the gold standard that global streaming, technology, and broadcast organizations trust for their complete broadcast workflows.” 

“The video industry has benefited greatly from the SRT protocol, especially on the contribution feed side for live video. Its fast adoption across software multimedia frameworks, as well as OEM, is fueled by the reliability and security it provides,” said Nishant Sirohi, Lead Video Engineer, Quality & Solutions, Paramount. “As we continue to transform more workflows to SRT, I would like to thank Haivision for its contributions and support to this technology!” 

“Cloudflare Stream has deployed SRT across the Cloudflare global network, enabling broadcasters across the world to improve reliability of live streams. Any Internet standard is as valuable as the ecosystem that uses it. SRT’s role as the dominant ingest protocol for professional broadcasters makes it a great candidate to replace legacy protocols such as RTMP,” said John Graham-Cumming, CTO, Cloudflare.  

“Last year, Dolby acquired Millicast and built the Real-Time Streaming platform, adding support for SRT ingest to reduce the latency from professional encoders. Another key benefit of SRT is the support of newer codecs and features that pave the way for us to add HDR and Dolby Vision to our streaming workflows,” Ryan Jespersen, Director of Product Strategy, “Our customers include National Broadcasters and top Hollywood studios that use to power their live REMI and remote post-production products. SRT gives our customers a Secure Reliable Transport protocol to power their live broadcast feeds to remote monitors and multiviewers.” 

“We are thrilled to be joining the SRT Alliance as we strongly believe in the potential of the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol for remote contribution and production,” said Mathieu Yerle, SVP Strategy & Product, Chyron. “SRT is one of the best options to transport video reliably and securely over the internet. It is perfectly suited for remote production workflows in hybrid setups with cameras (or encoders) on-premises and live production platforms in the cloud – such as Chyron LIVE. We’ve seen many of our customers adopting SRT as their go-to streaming protocol.” 

“With SRT, Haivision has solved some of the most prevalent problems that real-time technical solutions face, including interoperability and reliability,” said Matt Malanga, Chief Marketing Officer, JW Player. “Thanks to its wide adoption, SRT can be seen as a real contender to replace RTMP as a true real-time protocol.” 

“We are thrilled to have joined the SRT Alliance. With THEOlive, our latest offering, we bring a solution for real-time streaming for providers of live sports betting, iGaming, and interactive entertainment. Our customers demand top-notch video quality and ultra-low latency, and our entire service is designed to meet those expectations,” said Steven Tielemans, Chief Executive Officer, THEO Technologies. “Integrating SRT into THEOlive was a natural choice, as it ensures more dependable content delivery even over the most challenging networks. The widespread support for SRT also enhances our compatibility with contribution encoders, making it even easier for our customers to enjoy high-quality real-time video streaming to audiences of all sizes.” 

“SRT is a true enabler for EVS’ Balanced Computing approach. Its real-time streaming capabilities make it ideal for recording video feeds over public networks with high reliability and security,” said Laurent Petit, SVP Markets & Business Alliances, EVS. 

“As a leading global provider of content security services, we see SRT gaining momentum across the industry and emerging as one of the paths to implement Digital Rights Management in real-time video delivery workflows,” commented Christopher Levy, CEO and co-founder of BuyDRM. 

“SRT is integrated into Blackbird to enable our customers to leverage the benefits of SRT streams for fast, efficient cloud-native editing and publishing,” said Adrian Lambert, Chief Marketing Officer, Blackbird. “SRT has been important for fostering partnership opportunities and enhancing content creation and delivery workflows throughout the broadcast and media industry.”  

“With the growth of live sporting events on FAST, low-latency live streaming has become table stakes for platforms focused on growing revenue and reach,” said Ed Laczynski, co-CEO, Backlight Streaming. “Our team at Backlight Streaming are heavy users of the SRT Protocol because it benefits our customers and their audience and pushes our industry forward. We are delighted to be a part of the SRT community and partner with visionary leaders in our field, like Haivision.” 

“Barco is recognized as a global leader of networked visualization solutions for the enterprise and healthcare markets. With our focus on the entertainment market, the use of SRT for both input and output in our devices gives us the opportunity to deliver a flexible solution for live and hybrid corporate events and venues as in our vision,” said Abbe Westerlundh, Senior Product Specialist Image Processing, Barco. 

To learn more about SRT, visit Haivision at the NAB Show 2023 (West Hall booth W3020), or read the release notes and download the source code on GitHub. 

About the SRT Alliance

Founded by Haivision, the SRT Alliance is a collaborative community of industry leaders and developers striving to achieve lower latency internet video transport by continuously improving SRT, an open-source video transport protocol and technology stack. Originally developed and pioneered by Haivision, SRT optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks with secure streams and easy firewall traversal, bringing the best quality live video over the worst networks. Haivision was awarded an Emmy® for Technology and Engineering from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for developing the SRT protocol. For more information about the project and how to join the SRT Alliance, visit

About Haivision

Haivision is a leading global provider of mission-critical, real-time video networking and visual collaboration solutions. Our connected cloud and intelligent edge technologies enable organizations globally to engage audiences, enhance collaboration, and support decision making. We provide high-quality, low latency, secure, and reliable live video at a global scale. Haivision open sourced its award-winning SRT low latency video streaming protocol and founded the SRT Alliance to support its adoption. Awarded four Emmys® for Technology and Engineering from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Haivision continues to fuel the future of IP video transformation. Founded in 2004, Haivision is headquartered in Montreal and Chicago with offices, sales, and support located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. To learn more, visit Haivision at

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