Haivision Video Wall Technology Helps ALERTCalifornia Establish Situational Awareness to Prepare for, Respond to, and Recover from Natural Disasters

Haivision Command 360 software provides critical visual intelligence to detect fire and other conditions that pose a threat to property and public safety in California

MONTREAL, CANADA — June 13, 2023 — Haivision Systems Inc. (“Haivision”) (TSX: HAI), a leading global provider of mission-critical, real-time video networking and visual collaboration solutions, today announced that ALERTCalifornia has deployed Haivision Command 360, an intuitive video wall software platform, in the Kern County, CA Emergency Communications Center (ECC).

Based at the University of California San Diego, ALERTCalifornia is a public safety program working to understand wildfires and other natural hazards, and determine short and long-term impacts on people and the environment to inform management tactics. In doing so, ALERTCalifornia operates a network of over 1,000 cameras and sensors throughout the state. The live video feeds help local, state, and federal first responders monitor and manage wildfires and other climate-driven disasters around-the-clock and make informed decisions about how to mitigate.

ALERTCalifornia has expanded its use of technology with the implementation of a Haivision video wall solution at the Bakersfield, CA Kern County ECC. With a Haivision video wall in place, Kern County emergency management teams gain situational awareness of fire and other conditions that pose a threat to property and public safety, and the ability to collaborate with other public safety agencies in the area for rapid response.

Command 360 is at the center of Haivision’s comprehensive video wall solution and works in tandem with purpose-built hardware to display content from any source in real-time on a high-definition video wall for situational awareness and critical visual intelligence in public safety operation centers. With a Haivision video wall already in use at the ALERTCalifornia Northern and Southern California operation centers, the installation of Command 360 at the Kern County ECC further positions ALERTCalifornia as a key resource in efforts to bolster research into how to best prepare, respond, and help mitigate the impact of these events on residents and the environment.

“Haivision technology was best-in-class when viewed against other visualization systems on the market with its ease-of-use and little to no training needed,” said Zachary Wells, Deputy Fire Chief, Kern County Fire Department, and Liaison/Advisor to ALERTCalifornia. “With Haivision Command 360, our emergency response teams can visually monitor incidents of smoke captured through multiple camera feeds in the area. This provides the necessary intelligence to identify and confirm fire in its incipient phase, so we can scale appropriate resources on the ground and make informed decisions fast.”

“ALERTCalifornia needed a visual intelligence platform that was easy-to-use and scalable to accommodate the many camera feeds so they could quickly achieve real-time situational awareness and inter-agency collaboration during wildfire incidents,” said Aaron Leiker, Vice President of Operation Centers, Haivision. “Command 360 was the most intuitive and dynamic platform they tested to aid in monitoring and response efforts so emergency teams could allocate resources to fight fires quickly and save lives in the process.”

Although monitoring and efficiently responding to fires is a significant focus of the ALERTCalifornia ECC, upon implementation, the Command 360 platform was immediately used for visualization of the 2023 atmospheric rivers and winter storm flood events. “We used Haivision technology to monitor weather patterns and respond to flooding, debris flows, and hillside instabilities,” said Chief Wells. “While we are gearing up for fire season, our video wall solution has proven to be supportive in all hazard environments.”

Haivision technology enables defense, public safety, government agencies, and enterprise operation and command center response teams to visualize and dynamically respond to urgent situations fast by centralizing all video, data, communication, and visualization sources into a fully secure multi-site video wall solution. For more information about Haivision video wall solutions, visit haivision.com.

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